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Grade 7


Module 1


Uses safe working practices and shows awareness of efficient ways of using materials and tools.

Safety procedures are a most important aspect of being in any workshop and you should make sure that you know and practise them from the start. Make sure that you know where to find the emergency button and the first aid box. Remember to report all accidents, no matter how small, to your teacher.

  • Always wear an apron or overcoat to protect your clothes and sensible footwear to protect your feet.
  • Take off your blazer or jersey, roll up your sleeves and tuck your tie out of the way.
  • Long hair should be tied back.
  • Any jewellery you may be wearing should be removed.
  • Never fool around with any tools.
  • Never run or play in a workshop, especially with a sharp tool in your hand.
  • You are allowed to talk quietly, but you should not shout.
  • You must never work alone or without permission in any workshop or practical area.
  • Read all instructions for using tools carefully and make sure that you follow them.
  • Take great care when carrying tools or materials. Carry sharp tools close to your body and facing downwards.
  • Never misuse tools of any sort.
  • Replace tools after use.
  • Be sure to keep your bench and floor area tidy.
  • Never use a machine without permission or the correct training.
  • Never use electric tools in damp or wet conditions.
  • There must never be more than one person operating or near a machine at any time.
  • Clean machines after you have used them, and report any problems or damage to your teacher. Blunt or damaged items should be changed.
  • When you have finished work, wash and dry your hands properly.
  • Be especially thorough if you have been using oil, chemicals, paints or resins.
  • Never hold the wood in your hand while you saw it with the other hand.
  • Never screw into a piece of wood held in your hand.
  • Never chisel towards your hand or body.
  • Use a bench hook for cutting spars or dowels.
  • Always keep your tools tidy and out of other people’s way.

Electrical safety

Much of the equipment used in class requires electrical power from either batteries or the mains. Remember that moisture and water conduct electricity. Care should be taken when handling electronic components, such as capacitors. Batteries are best kept in separate containers when not in use. Return them at the end of the lesson. Do not put projects away with batteries in place or connected. Do not be tempted to tinker with mains electricity. If you come into contact with a live wire an electric shock or fatal accident could be the result. Electric shocks can cause severe burns and other injuries, so always take care.

Plugging in

  • Check that the appliance is switched off.
  • Check that the socket is switched off.
  • Make sure that the lead and plug are not damaged.
  • Plug in.
  • Switch on the socket.
  • Switch on the appliance.

Switching off

  • Switch off the appliance.
  • Switch off the socket.
  • Remove the plug from the socket.

You must not use an electrical appliance without either a teacher in the room or at least two other pupils in the room and a teacher close at hand. If you are present when a person receives an electric shock you must carry out the following procedure

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