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A few friends have been forming a “clique” over the past year. A new learner has joined your class, and it seems that while half of the clique wants the new learner to join them, the other half strongly disagrees.

There is one park in your neighbourhood. One Saturday afternoon a group of black children want to play soccer there, while a group of white children want to play cricket at the same time.

Positive learning experiences in group work

(This is a fun group work session. If possible, at least two continuous periods must be set aside for this purpose. Preparation and planning in advance is a necessity.

Activity 3

To tackle a project [lo 3.5]

Project kyalami

The class is divided into two groups of the same size. It is important for the groups to be the same, e.g. the same number of boys and girls in each group. Also try to put big and small learners, as well as sports/culture-oriented learners, in each group.

The assignment:

Build a racing car (or rather a racing cart) that has the following features:

  • It must have at least one wheel.
  • It must have a number plate.
  • It must have enough room for one person.
  • The cart must be pushed or pulled by at least two people.
  • No real engines or petrol-driven vehicles are allowed.
  • (Learners may bring objects and materials from home, but the ‘cart’ must be built by the team at school.
  • Also :
  • Each team must have a ‘mascot’.
  • Each team must have a slogan.
  • Each member of the team must play an active role in the Kyalami project.
  • Originality and creativity are very important.

The race :

  • All the carts and team members must line up at the start.
  • The teacher blows a whistle and all the competitors start at the same time.
  • Each cart must be pushed or pulled at least 80 metres to the finish.

Allocation of points

  • The cart that crosses the finish first with its passenger and “cart-horses”, gets 10 points, second 8 points, third 6 points, etc.
  • Two points are awarded for the most original cart.
  • Two points are awarded for the best slogan.
  • Four points are awarded for the team with the best team spirit.
  • One point is awarded for the best number plate.
  • One point is awarded for the most original mascot.

Other hints:

  • Try to think of a nice prize for the winning team, e.g. half an hour off school, or a can of cold drink each.
  • If the carts are really nice, arrange for someone from the local newspaper to photograph them.
  • Arrange for other class groups to be spectators to cheer on the racers.
  • Ask the principal to be the starter.

The lesson after the race:

Complete the following as a team:

Our team’s best character trait ……………………………………..

Our team’s worst character trait …………………………………….

Did one member act as team leader? ………………………………………

Did each member make a contribution? ……………………………………...

Was there any negative behaviour

against one another, or against other teams? ……………………………………

If we organise such a project again, will we

do it in the same way? If not, what will we do

differently? ……………………………………………………………………….

Was it a pleasant team activity? ……………………………………………..



The learner will be able to use acquired life skills to achieve and extend personal potential to respond effectively to challenges in his or her world.

Assessment Standard

We know this when the learner

3.2 explains why other persons’ bodies should be respected;

3.3 considers and interprets the emotions of others;

3.4 demonstrates the ability to select and apply useful responses in conflict situations;

3.5 reflects on and learns from own personal experience of working in a group.

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