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Somewhere else on the earth, in the middle of the desolate open sea, a volcano forces its way to find its place in the sun and a new island is born. Tsunamis develop and they flood and destroy the low-lying land of bays and islands.

Death and birth. Below the drifting crust of our struggling planet lies a stirring world of molten rock. In the process that has continued through the ages, it may erupt to destroy what lies above, but also, surprisingly, to create.

[ Huisgenoot se Jongspan , 4 June 1987 ]

We have seen that volcanoes can also have positive effects. Solidifying lava forms igneous rock, in which precious stones like diamonds are created. Where this occurs, financial welfare follows.

Fertile soils are created when these rocks that originate from lava are eroded over millions of years and such soils nurture crops. In this way, the world is provided with food.

Hot water springs occur near volcanoes. These warm springs naturally become tourist attractions. In cold countries such warm water is even used to supply buildings with hot water and to heat them.

Activity 2:

To discuss the consequences of volcanoes on people and their environment

[lo 2.1, 2.2]

1. Discuss the article that is printed above in your groups once you have read it, to explain the effect of volcanoes on:

a) People

b) The environment

2. Collect pictures, photos and newspaper cuttings dealing with volcanoes. Bring them to class for discussion. Use the material you have collected to supplement your notes.

3. Why some people are at a higher risk to be affected by volcanoes than others

Disasters happen anywhere, but looking at figure 8 discloses that volcanoes occur more often in certain areas.

People knowingly settle in the vicinity of a volcano. Sometimes such an area is densely populated, as people regard work opportunities and prosperity as more important than a potential volcanic eruption.

As in the case of earthquakes, developed areas can handle the impact of a volcanic eruption with much more ease and efficiency. Warnings can be broadcast in time and evacuation carried out if necessary. After care services are available and lives are saved.

Where densely populated areas in developing countries are concentrated near a volcano, big problems are likely to develop. Communication systems are poorly developed and people are therefore not warned in time. Health care is poor and emergency services lacking. Fires cause destruction and loss of lives. After care services are insufficient and many people die because they cannot be helped in time.

4. Precautionary measures: the management of risk and reduction of risk

Scientists constantly study the world’s active volcanoes and try to predict their behaviour. Sometimes they succeed, but mostly they do not. We are unable to see what happens in the depths of the earth’s crust and for that reason emergency measures in volcanic areas are so important.

Activity 3:

To reflect on emergency measures in volcanic danger zones

[lo 2.3]

1. Why do people decide to live in areas where volcanic eruptions occur? Take some time to consider this and then give your own opinion.

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