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Arts and culture

Grade 9

Creating, interpretation and presentation

Module 13

Planning a radio advertisement


This is your last Drama Activity for the year. You will be exploring the medium of Radio Broadcasting in this module. Your educator will give you the background to radio broadcasting in order for you to understand this form of performing art.

Radio broadcasting is focussed on the voice. Keep in mind that your audience is not able to see you, but can only hear you. You should still warm up your body and your voice before you can commence.

Activity 1:

To devise a routine to show to the class: the warm-up

[lo 1.6]

Here is your chance to conduct a warm-up routine – the way you would like to warm up your body and voice! Remember to warm up your voice properly!

Hints on preparing your warm-up routine:


  • the first priority of the actor is relaxation
  • the actor’s body and voice are his ‘instruments’
  • tension of any kind impairs performance
  • tension usually shows itself first in the voice, because of shallow breathing
  • start with the shoulders
  • move on to arms and hands
  • the torso is the centre of all movement, because it contains our breath
  • breathing exercises are essential
  • end this section with the legs, ankles and feet


  • posture must allow the free, expressive use of voice speech and movement
  • focus on keeping the shoulders straight, the abdomen from protruding, on breath control, etc.

Breathing and Voice:

  • good breathing is a fundamental requirement for voice production
  • all breathing exercises should be preceded by relaxation
  • the requirements for good voice production are relaxation, good posture, a plentiful supply of breath, controlled use of breathing by diaphragm and intercostal muscles, relaxed and unconstricted oral and pharyngeal resonators, and the formation of sounds well forward in the mouth to avoid a throaty tone and to assist projection
  • breathing must be done with the chest, by expanding the rib cage, and with the diaphragm

Hints on conducting a warm-up routine:

  • It is advisable to stand in front on the class when giving instructions.
  • Make sure your instructions are clear and audible.
  • Make sure your instructions are easy enough for the whole class to follow.
  • Demonstrate and explain each instruction before the class does the exercises.
  • Be creative.
  • Make it fun for yourself and the rest of the class.

Activity 2:

To participate in planning a radio advertisement

[lo 1.7]

Onwards, to your radio advertisement! You will be planning and producing a radio advertisement for the African Dance in Learning Unit 2, Grade 9 Module 4: Dance.

Keep in mind that you are going to be dealing with what your audience will HEAR. They cannot see you. Therefore you are reliant on your voice, music and special sound effects to produce a successful radio advertisement.

1. Sound effects

  • Produce various sound effects from objects found in the classroom.
  • Experiment and be creative.
  • Examples: rain, thunder, slamming doors, car slamming on brakes, tea being poured, wind, people walking, restaurant noises, jungle noises, etc.
  • Record the effects and play them back to the class.

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