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And the solution?

People must change their behaviour. This means everyone! Someone who did not have the virus has said, “The solution of the problem begins with me.” What would he have meant by this?

From: Die Burger , 20 May 2002

Learners must use the information provided in the first five to six pages to be able to do the assignments that follow.

Enjoy reading and working on this research and thinking assignment! It will not always be easy! Consider the headings carefully when you are looking for information.

Activity 1:

To make deductions from forecasts

[lo 1.2]

  • Use the statistics on page 37 and the predictions in figures 4 and 5 to supply the necessary numbers:
  • In South Africa at present, about__________________ people between 15 and 59 are HIV positive.
  • There are about ____________________AIDS orphans in our country.

Activity 2:

To make deductions from a graph

[lo 1.2]

  • If the life expectancy of a country’s inhabitants increases, it will be an indication of progress. The life expectancy of the people of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has increased, as we can see in Figure 3.
  • Complete the horizontal column graph for the five SADC member countries according to the information in Figure 5. Draw one column only, colouring it red for the expected age with AIDS, and blue for the age that could have been reached without the AIDS catastrophe.

Activity 3:

To make deductions from a graph

[lo 1.2]

  • The information in Figure 2 indicates a healthy reduction in the growth of the South African population. Death from AIDS may unfortunately reduce the growth to such an extent that it will have a negative effect on the country.
  • Researchers have predicted that the reduction between 2000 and 2010 without AIDS could be 1,7%, but that it could decrease to 1,5%, with AIDS. Complete the graph according to this information. Use blue to indicate the growth without AIDS and red to indicate growth with AIDS.

Activity 4:

To make deductions from newspaper articles

[lo 1.5]

  • Collect newspaper articles dealing with this subject and display them on your notice board. Articles indicating a solution for any problem relating to AIDS should be indicated in a particular way. You can decide how.

Activity 5:

To make deductions from newspaper articles

[lo 1.5]

  • Read the newspaper articles dealing with the AIDS catastrophe that is staring our country in the face once again, think about it and discuss it with your friends. It ought to be clear that unless some plan to combat AIDS is devised soon, South Africa faces a major catastrophe.
  • Write a paragraph or two about the possible problems on a separate sheet of paper. Use the following words and phrases:

P rovide your paragraph with an appropriate heading.

Activity 6:

To make deductions from newspaper articles

[lo 1.5]

  • Near the end of the newspaper article someone is quoted as having said, “The solution of the problem begins with me.” Explain what you think this person meant in one sentence.

Activity 7:

To report on making adjustments in various areas

[lo 3.1]

  • The same truth is repeated four times in the frame alongside. In the light of the dangers for South Africa that are presented through AIDS, it is obvious that much adjustment is necessary for survival.
  • Discuss the adjustments in the following areas that are required to meet the challenge and report your ideas to the class:
  1. the care of orphans;
  2. the skilled workers in a factory become ill and fewer;
  3. costs in the Department of Health double each year;
  4. education.

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