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English home language

Grade 8

Towns and tourism

Module 14

Creative writing

Activity 1:

To make judgements based on the evidence of a map, a telephone directory and a chart after reading for information

To write a brochure, using visual and design elements

To do some writing suitable for the text type ( a postcard)

To hold a telephone conversation – to convey ideas creatively, expressively and with confidence

To explore the creative and transactional use of language by means of letters

[lo 3.4.3, 4.2, 4.3, 2.1, 4.1.2]

  • We are now going to visit the town of Happyvale!

1. Happyvale lies at the foot of the Waterberg mountains.

2. The town can be reached by train, helicopter and road.

3. Fruit, grapes and wheat are the agricultural products produced in this area.

4. Fruit factories and tourism industries are found in the town.

5. Hotel and guesthouse accommodation is available for visitors to this town.

6. The sporting facilities available in Happyvale are abseiling, water-skiing, fishing, swimming, rugby, tennis and golf.

7. Nature reserve conservationists are responsible for looking after the fauna and flora of the area.

  • You should know the town of Happyvale fairly well now. Use the information you have gathered above, , to compile a BROCHURE encouraging tourists to visit Happyvale.

Your brochure should include the following:

A brief history of the town (Invent this)

  • Attractions : Places to visit, things to do in and around the town. (Make notes first.)

Accommodation available (include tariffs) – check the map and record your findings roughly

  • General weather information
  • Contact names and addresses (telephone, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. and testimonials)

Group work:

  • Using the criteria in bold print above, as a group put together a CHECK LIST to be used when creating your brochure. Explain what would be acceptable and what would not be acceptable.


  • Now we are going to get to know the residents of Happyvale better.
  • Look carefully at the extract from the Happyvale telephone directory .
  • MANZIWA V 9 Wood Way 38776
  • NCALO NP 10 Kings Rd 32143
  • MARAIS DC dr Dntl Surgn 35462
  • NEEDHAM B 22 Bird St 34487
  • Res 5 Church St 38789
  • NEL JKF 16 Harrow St 39457
  • MPUTHI MW 6 Cross St 36532
  • NEW FLORA FLORISTS 8 Main St 33762
  • MR HARDWARE 6 Main St 37655
  • NINZI FQ 9 Berg Rd 34215
  • MULVANNY B 15 Wood Way 37553
  • NIXON MB 1 Wood Way 39866
  • MUNROE AP 3 Church St 33215
  • NIXON MR 8 Dean St 34491
  • MURPHY BR 21 Berg Rd 34981
  • NKOMO S 19 Hospital Dr 39866
  • MURPHY K 7 Cross St 36572
  • NOBLE T VET SURGN Main St 33976
  • MURRAY BUILDERS Box 15 34421
  • NOLAN PHARMACY 12 Main St 38724
  • Use the extract from the telephone directory for the following.

While staying at Happyvale you develop a toothache.

  • 8. Find the telephone number of the dentist’s surgery and his home.

The dentist prescribes some painkillers.

  • 9. Find the number of the chemist to order these pills.

You want to surprise your hosts with flowers.

  1. Find the flower shop’s number.

You met someone by the name of Mark Nixon. You would like to contact him. You do not know his address, but you do know that his house is on the corner of a street.

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