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English first additional language

Grade 6

Module 45

To understand some elements of stories

Activity 1:

To identify and discuss a social issue [lo 3.1.3]

To discuss advantages and disadvantages and write about them [lo 5.2.7]

This activity focuses on your reading and understanding skills, but you will also be asked to express your opinion and to interact with your group members again. The following passage deals with a controversial issue – Should wildfires be allowed to burn, or should we put them out? An article on this topic appeared in The World magazine about fires that occurred in the United States of America. Many readers responded to the articles, some expressing a fiery opinion! Read what they had to say:

Wildfires: Should We Let Them Burn or Put Them Out?

  1. Eric Cannot, California

What right do we have to interfere with nature? Our interference with it will cost us our health and freedom. I feel that nature-started fires should be left to burn themselves out. These fires have much more energy because of the dead wood and other combustibles. Natural fires should be allowed to burn, unless they are a threat to human life or property.

  1. Solveigh Argeseanu, Illinois

Wildfires should be allowed so that the dead plants cannot accumulate to the point where an accidental fire could become a danger. The fires that are allowed to burn should be watched closely and they should be extinguished as soon as unfavourable weather conditions such as strong winds arise.

  1. Elizabeth Layne, Montana

When a fire, for any reason, begins close to a populated area, it should be put out immediately. If a fire starts elsewhere, it should be left alone. There should be a certain time when fires are allowed to burn, like every 20 years or so. Not only would it prevent dead wood from piling up, but it would also allow the park to "stay alive".

  1. Tiffany Tenney, Delaware

I think all forest fires should be put out because if a fire were allowed to burn, wildlife would be endangered. Also, homes and trees would be destroyed. I think if people want to minimize forest fires, they could attach fire prevention containers to trees in a forest. Each container could have a fire blanket, a small fire extinguisher and a radio that will warn a firehouse if there is a fire. If you saw a fire starting, you could easily put it out. If it were too big, you could signal someone. The containers would be animal proof and waterproof.

Answer the following questions about this passage by writing TRUE, FALSE or NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE

  1. Eric Cannot is in favour of natural fires.
  2. Solveigh Argeseanu suggests that allowing dead plants to accumulate can make fires extremely dangerous.
  3. Elizabeth Layne suggests that a fire should be allowed to burn every ten years.
  4. All the readers agree that a natural fire should be allowed to burn.
  5. All the readers agree that fires caused by humans should be put out.
  6. Tiffany Tenney is against fires, as she fears for the life of wild animals.
  7. Solveigh Argeseanu suggests that we start fires but that they must be supervised carefully.
  8. All the readers are concerned about fires that endanger human life.

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