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  • Zimbabwe
  • USA
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  • Congo
  • Argentine
  • Japan
  • Russia

Activity 3:

To conduct a class discussion on the rsa as a developing country

[lo 2.1]

the RSA is a third world and developing country and should be managed accordingly

Discuss this statement. Give reasons why you agree or disagree with this statement, and explain how you reached your conclusion.


Learning outcomes (LO)
LO 1
GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH The learner can apply research skills to study geographical and environmental concepts and processes.
Assessment standards(AS)
This is clear when the learner:
1.3 analyses and makes inferences from sources such as photo’s, maps, atlases, graphs and statistics [working with sources];
1.5 recognises information in the field and records it [working with sources];
1.7 reports and formulates knowledge obtained during the research by means of an argument and interpretation based on sources of information; uses maps, diagrams and graphics; uses, where necessary, computers in the presentation [communicating the answer].
LO 2
GEOGRAPHICAL KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING The learner can demonstrate geographical and environmental knowledge and understanding.
This is clear when the learner:
2.1 gives a well-argued explanation of some approaches to development [people and places];
2.2 identifies ways in which Science and Technology have a positive and a negative influence on development [people and resources];
2.3 explains how sustainable [people and environment development can have a positive influence on people, places and environments].

L O 3

EXPLORING THE ISSUES The learner can take informed decisions on social and environmental issues and problems

This is clear when the learner:

  1. identifies social and environmental conflicts in South Africa and compares it with other contexts [identifies the issue];

3.2 identifies factors that have an influence on selected social and environmental disputes, including those regarding rights; gender; social, economical and political claims within a specific context [factors affecting the issues];

  1. analyses the reason for disputes or conflicts [makes choices];

3.4 takes informed decisions on various solutions to social and environmental conflicts [makes choices].



Developed: Countries who have achieved a high level of economic and social development.

Characteristics: First World, industrialised, high income, north of the equator, high level of human development, economically developed, owners and wealthy

Examples: Most European countries, USA, Switzerland, Japan, etc.

Developing : Countries who are still in the process of developing economically and socially. Some parts of the country may have developed fully, while other parts are still totally underdeveloped.

Characteristics: Third World, non-industrialised, low income, south of the equator, limited human development, less economically developed countries, non-owners and poor.

Examples: South Africa, certain South American countries and countries in Asia, African countries such as Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, DRC, etc.

Sustainable development:

It entails the discerning utilisation of natural resources. Development must attend to the

present need for prosperity and at the same time pay attention to conservation with a view to

the future. Must not be detrimental to the environment and must protect the interests of future


Building stones for sustainability:

Take the following factors into consideration: people, earth and prosperity. Three important building stones: economic growth, social responsibility and maintaining an ecological balance. The success or lack of it, when implementing a sustainable development strategy, depends largely on the extent to which a government succeeds in alleviating poverty.


Definition: The process when an increasing number of people leave the rural areas to settle in the cities.

Opinion: Consider the following:

Causes problems for the rural areas

Social and economic problems

Also urban problems such as over-population, unemployment, squatting, various shortages, crime, etc.

Solution: Decentralising industries, job creation, resettlement of people in rural areas, housing projects, implementing minimum wages, RDP projects, etc.

Depopulation of rural areas:

Definition: Process when people leave rural areas. Growing process, especially in developing and developed countries.

Results: Deterioration of towns, buildings and services. Schools, business enterprises, etc. close down, Economic and cultural deterioration and decay.

Solution: Create job opportunities, tourism, decentralisation, resettlement initiatives, etc.

First World:

Examples: Mainly countries north of the Sahara

Europe ( North and Central), USA, China, Japan, etc.

Norway. Sweden, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, England, Germany, etc.

Reasons: Fully developed economically, politically and socially .Growth rate low, mortality rate low, life expectancy of people high, per capita income of people high, etc.

Third World :

Examples: Mainly Sub-Sahara

Most countries in Africa, South American countries, parts of Asia, etc.

Sierra Leone, Niger, Mali, Mozambique, Ethiopia, DRC, etc.

Reasons: Not yet fully developed, or must still develop. Refer to previous answer: opposite.


Developed: USA











Consider the following:


Contains elements of both.

Economically well developed.

Consider mining. Of seven of the ten most important minerals in the world South Africa is the top producer.

Secondary activities contribute extensively to the GNP.

Apartheid has left scars.

Large backlogs amongst the largest part of the population. Expand on this.

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