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English first additional language

Grade 9

Group work and music

Module 7

To listen for specific information and read diagrams

Activity 1:

To be able to listen for specific information / read diagrams

Your educator will divide you into groups. Please co-operate!

  • The members of the groups that are formed will work together on the following activities:

Listen carefully while your educator reads the following to you:


Choose a leader for the group:

The leader should . . .

  • keep the group focused on the task at hand;
  • encourage rotation of reading and answering;
  • select readers;
  • encourage comments firmly but tactfully;
  • allow interruptions but keep the flow;
  • make sure all members participate;
  • ensure notes are written down by all;
  • keep time where necessary, or appoint a time-keeper;
  • repeat a contribution if not heard by all;
  • encourage, motivate and praise;
  • ask the educator if there is a query;
  • ensure there is an end result;
  • sum up every now and again.

Make sure every member reads and contributes.

All opinions should be heard.

Each member should listen, take notes, take part, contribute, assess, learn to summarise.

Each member should respect the views of the other members.

The group should share responsibilities.

The group should not stray from the topic and goals of the activities.

The group should develop good social skills by being accommodating, tolerant and patient.

Activity 2:

To be able to read diagrams / ask and answer questions

[lo 2.2.1, 3.4.2]

Each group should find FIVE pictures from magazines or newspapers, depicting various song titles.

  • Paste them on A3 paper. Show the rest of the class. They must guess the titles.
  • You can give them hints if they do not know the answers:

They may only ask questions to which you can reply ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Activity 3:

To be able to interpret messages

[lo 2.1]

You may act out a word or a syllable or a phrase, as in charades.

Let the leader of the group read the following rules to you:

The team may not speak at all but only use actions to depict the title.

Select a song title that is easy to act out, e.g. Walking my Baby Back Home.

First show the class that the title consists of five words by holding up five fingers. Then you hold up one finger to indicate that you are dealing with the first word.You let them know how many syllables there are in this word.Then you act out the first word.

Now you go on to the next word . . . and so on.

  • e.g. The first person can walk along (walk), you can indicate that the word must be longer by showing the class (walk-ing); a second can point to herself (my); another can carry a baby (baby); the fourth can point to her back (back), and the last can open a door like the front door of a (home).

Perhaps let somebody else read here and explain fully:

You can do the same for the title of a film by pretending that you are rolling a film,or for the title of a book (hold your palms upwards to indicate a book);or the title of a TV programme by drawing a square in the air (indicating a TV).

You can do the same for parts of speech . Take common nouns and see how many a team can guess in a given time limit. TIP: Abstract nouns are very difficult to do – for the experts.

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