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The sexual and romantic convolutions of Loving and other soapies like The Bold and the Beautiful bear little relationship to reality. Loving characters, Jim Vochek (former Catholic priest, who lost his memory after an accident, came to, remembered he had been in love 15 years before and gave up the priesthood to marry his former lover!), and Shana Alden (love-child of Alden dynasty head, left at the altar by her first lover who decided to go back to his wife, became engaged to his brother, then dumped him at the altar when Father Jim, about to be plain Jim, persuaded her to marry him instead!). It is made to look glamorous to cheat, deceive and tell lies like the teenage character, Sammy of Days of our Lives .

Soap operas portray sexual activities without mentioning consequences like pregnancy or the risk of Aids or any other sexually transmitted disease.”

1. Supply the dictionary meaning of the following words: and then use each word in a sentence to show its meaning.

  • Unrealistic:
  • Priority:
  • Glamorise:
  • Noxious:

2. Why did Lindsey’s mother ban her from watching ‘soapies’?

3. In Line 3, the word “children’s” has an apostrophe to indicate that the [television] programme is one made for children.

What is the purpose of the apostrophe in: “Lindsay’s mother . . . ”? (par.5)

4. Lindsay’s mother states, That’s why I banned it outright. She’s 14 and at that age they’re too young for sex.”

The underlined words are examples of contractions and also make use of the apostrophe.

Here, the apostrophe takes the place of letters that were left out.

TIP : Contractions are only allowed in writing when they represent spoken words.

Rewrite the above sentence, filling in the missing letters so that the words are complete.

That’s =

She’s =

They’re =

6. According to the article, why are ‘soapies’ not suitable for children?

7. Why does René Raff begrudgingly let her children watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

8. Quote the priorities Di van der Merwe says her daughter should have at fourteen years old.

9. Draw up a 5-point list of priorities for yourself, other than watching television!

10. Underline the correct spelling of the following word:

The teacher was decieved \ deceived \ desieved.

There is nothing glamorous about violense \ violinse \ violence.

The consequences \ consequinces \ consekwences were dramatic.

Activity 5:

To be able to explore the creative use of language in a letter

[lo 4.1.2]

  • Finally, write a letter to the press about any aspect of television that worries you or where you feel standards are lacking or about programming, the type of film being shown or the number of repeats. You can, of course, also praise the news reporting, the programming or any aspect that you feel deserves praise.
  • Use the following chart to assess your work before you hand it to your teacher.






Subject line

Not relevant to the content. It is also not captivating.

Unclear or too long. It is relevant but slightly off the point.

Almost clear what the letter is about but errors in style.

Short and creative. It tells us exactly what this letter is about.

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