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English home language

Grade 8

Our colourful world

Module 20

The impact of design elements

Activity 1:

To analyse the impact of design elements

[lo 3.7.2]

1. Draw the following shapes:

Verticals, Horizontals, Rays from central dot, Curves, Diagonals, Squares, Pyramids, Broken shapes, Circles, Sharp angles, Spirals from the centre.

2. Now write down the action that is suggested by the shapes, selected from the list below:

a) Glory and Liberty

b) Security

c) Rhythm and Grace

d) Action and Aggression

e) Respect, dignity and strength

f) Stability and Unity

g) Insecurity and Instability

h) Excitement and Movement

i) Action and Movement

J) Idea of space

k) Rest and Peace

3. Now find one example of each of these shapes from advertisements, glue them to a sheet of newspaper, label them and then place them on the classroom wall so that the class can judge how accurate the above information is.

Activity 2:

To analyse the impact of design elements

[lo 3.7.2]

  • Now we are going to look at some colourful characters!

1. Draw six different facial expressions on a sheet of paper (use different hair-styles and ears too!). Then next to each write what expression is indicated. Then write down HOW you gained this impression (what features were clues).

  • Now leave out the face and look at the rest of the body: Draw arms and legs on the following bodies in different positions and again explain what emotion is conveyed below each and how you realized this. (NB The drawing does not have to be marvellous, as long as the viewer can understand the gesture!)


LO 3
Reading and Viewing The learner will be able to read and view for information and enjoyment, and respond critically to the aesthetic, cultural and emotional values in texts.
We know this when the learner:
3.1 reads spontaneously and often for pleasure and information across the range of texts studied, discusses personal response and the kinds of texts enjoyed and recommends texts to others:
3.4 shows understanding of information texts;
  • 3.4.1 identifies main ideas and explains how the details support the main idea;
3.7 analyses techniques used to create particular effects in visual, written and multimedia texts such as:
  • 3.7.2 the impact of design elements (e.g. type and position of artwork, use of colour);
  • 3.7.3 the impact of camera and film techniques (e.g. close-ups, zoom shots, camera angles, flashbacks);
3.9 discusses socio-cultural, environmental and ethical issues contained in texts and identifies the aspects of texts which carry the values related to them (e.g. content, language, artwork, point of view and characterisation).



Everything on the face tells a story: The mouth, the nose, the eyes (especially), the eye-brows, the cheeks (puffed up?), the hair-do, the teeth, the tongue, the chin.

  • The body is also a story-teller: Arms akimbo, folded, held behind the back, clasped in front, over one’s head; legs together, apart, bent at the knee, one in front of the other, on your knees; chest thrust out; shoulders slumped, upright, proudly back; hands in various positions.
  • See how well they express the different emotions which should be expressed as abstract nouns e.g. defiance, anger, pride etc
  • After this activity, the learners should be more au fait with visual literacy.

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