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    In this module, you have…

  • studied a real world case that raised serious problems with intellectual property, privacy, security, and free speech. Working with these problems has helped you to develop a better “working” understanding of these key concepts,
  • studied and practiced using four decision-making frameworks: (1) using socio-technical analysis to specify the problem in a complex, real world case, (2) practiced brainstorming techniques to develop and refine solutions that respond to your problem, (3) employed three ethics tests to integrate ethical considerations into your solutions and to test these solutions in terms of their ethics, and (4) applied a feasibility analysis to your solutions to identify and trouble-shoot obstacles to the implementation of your ethical solution,
  • explored the analogy between solving ethical and design problems,
  • practiced the skills of moral imagination, moral creativity, reasonableness, and perseverance, and…
  • experienced, through key participant perspectives, the challenges of ethics advocacy “under the gun.”

    Debrief on your group work before the rest of the class

  1. Provide a concise statement and justification of the problem your group specified
  2. Present the refined solution generation list your group developed in exercise 2.
  3. Present and provide a quick summary explanation of the results of your group’s solution evaluation matrix.
  4. Show your group’s feasibility matrix and summarize your assessment of the feasibility of implementing the solution alternatives you tested in exercise three.

    Group debriefing

  1. Were there any problem you group had working together to carry out this case analysis? What were the problems and how did you go about solving them?
  2. What problems did you have with understanding and practicing the four frameworks for solving problems? How did you go about solving these problems? Does your group have any outstanding questions or doubts?
  3. Now that you have heard the other groups present their results, what differences emerged between your group’s analysis and those of the other groups? Have you modified your analysis in light of the analyses of the other groups? If so how? Do the other groups need to take into account any aspects of your group’s debriefing?

Biomatrix presentation

Shortened responsibility presentation

Biomatrix decision points for fall 2011


This optional section contains additional or supplementary information related to this module. It could include: assessment, background such as supporting ethical theories and frameworks, technical information, discipline specific information, and references or links.

    References on biomatrix

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  2. Buss, D. "Tender Joints." In Wall Street Journal November 6, 2000. Presents pros and cons of visco supplementaiton using Biomatrix product, Synvisc.
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    References on associated ethical and philosophical concepts

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