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"Analyzing Symbols in Artifacts," section 5 of the 6-part course on "The Souvenir of Egypt," examines the symbols appearing in the imagery of a decorative silk focused on Egypt. Here, we will discuss how to interpret the meaning of each symbol in the silk using a variety of print and online resources. We not only explore the possible meanings of the various symbols, but also explain how to conduct research into cultural history.

The symbols of the souvenir of egypt

Our goal is to determine the identity and meaning of a textile that appears to be titled "Souvenir of Egypt" , which is part of the Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA) Having made our way through previous modules about the Texts , Flags and Faces in the silk, we now come to some less concrete images which we will call the Symbols. As we try to uncover thereferences behind the symbols, we will not only be attempting to identify unfamiliar visual imagery, but also to interpret it and build an argument about its significance. The following listwill number the images and link you to the section in which each is addressed. In order to identify some of the symbols we will venture into several disciplines,including English and Art History, have conversations with experts we have not yet met, and broaden our perspectives and abilities as researchers in the process.

symbol 1
symbol 2
symbol 3
symbol 4
symbol 5
symbol 6
symbol 7

Where to begin? finding help with researching unfamiliar topics.

There are many occasions in the research process in which we pause, contemplate ouroptions and decide that we have absolutely no idea where to begin. Finding ourselves in areas that are completely foreign to us is one of the clearest signs that we arelearning something. It is important to push yourself to innovate and create new options for yourself, but it is also important to know when to seek outside advice.There are many ways to do this; we will highlight a few.

Ask your advisor for suggestions

If you find yourself stuck or don't know how to start a research project, your advisor, mentor or instructor can probably help. When outside advice was sought for theidentification of the symbols in this project that is where we began. Chances are you will be given the names of professors or authors of books on the subject. Bringa note pad and take everything down.

Visit the reference desk in the library

Often, the best place to inquire about resources for your project is the reference desk in the library ofyour university. Libraries hire specialists in particular disciplines who enjoy assisting with research projects. Visit your library's home page to find a listing of staff by subject area.At Fondren Library, for instance, we find this listing under Departments>Reference> Librarians Listed by Subject .We find the name of librarians focusing on Art History and English. Let's send an email explaining our conundrum and ask for advice.

Locating a faculty member with a background in the subject you are researching

Interestingly, we can actually browse among the faculty members at our universities. Nearly all of the faculty members willhave office hours when they make themselves available to students. Let's have a look at what Rice University has to offer us for our research; feel free toapply this technique to the web site of your own university.

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