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exhaled: (breathed in / breathed out / tried to eat) (1) flexible: (long and thin / able to bend / modern) (1) scalpel: (small sharp surgeon’s knife / syringe / surgical scissors) (1) caution: (carefulness / accuracy / speed) (1)

  1. Quote a synonym from the passage for each of the words in bold print in the sentences below. (The paragraph in which the answer can be found is given in brackets.)

The vet thought there might be a boil in Ellie’s trunk. (Par. 8) (1)

Dr Taylor wondered if Ellie had a cancer which was causing the blood to drip from her trunk. (Par. 8) (1)

The cut he made would have to be done carefully. (Par. 13) (1)

9. What does ‘vet’ stand for? (1)

[ 20 ]

Activity 3:

Creative oral project

[lo 5.3.1]

This team presentation is built around the individual talks by the members of your group.

It will be assessed by your classmates.

Each group in your class must prepare an oral project on ONE centre of interest: Animals .

The topic is: all creatures great and small

Appoint “office holders” who will be responsible for certain duties.

These appointments will rotate for different group projects.

The leader is responsible for. . .

  • maintaining discipline in the group.
  • ensuring that everyone takes part in the discussions.
  • making sure that only English is spoken during the discussion.

The scribe is responsible for . . .

  • taking notes to record what has been said by whom.

The administrator is responsible for . . .

  • listing the members of the group.
  • writing the main topic down neatly.
  • writing each individual topic next to members’ names.
  • delivering this information to the educator who will file and use it for assessment.

The spokesperson must . . .

  • present the group and announce the topic.
  • introduce each member in turn.
  • act as host / master of ceremonies / chairperson.

How does a class theme work?

  • Each group of five members chooses an animal topic.
  • Divide the topic into sections or facets of the same topic.
  • Each member now prepares one section or facet.
  • The prepared speeches must be presented as a team effort.
  • Consider the time limit you have been given.

Choose and organize a topic:

Here are a few “animal” ideas which might inspire you.

Use them as they are or apply the pattern to an idea of your own.

Animals that work for man Creatures that live in the ocean
1. Police dogs 1. Dolphin
2. Guide dogs 2. Octopus
3. Horses 3. Sea Horse
4. Farm animals 4. Sharks
5. Camels 5. Whales
Strange animals of Australia Miraculous creatures
1. Kangaroo 1. Ants
2. Koala bear 2. Bees
3. Platypus 3. Bats
4. Tasmanian Devil 4. Spiders
5. Wombat 5. Butterflies

Some more ideas:

Big birds : ostrich / eagle / dodo / flamingo / penguin / owls

Reptiles : crocodile / lizard / turtle / tortoise / chameleon/ snakes

Snakes : anaconda / rattlesnake / puff adder / mamba / cobra / sea snakes

Pets : hamsters / goldfish / exotic birds / cats / dogs / monkeys / spiders

Animal” careers: veterinarian / game ranger / jockey / trainer / breeder/

On Safari – Stories: big game hunter / tall stories / squeamish lady /

Animal movies: The Lion King / The Jungle Book / Tarzan of the Apes/Gorillas in the Mist / Big Red / Jock of the Bushveld / Jaws/

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