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All these techniques are capable to obtain an image of a sample surface with quite good resolution. The lateral resolution of VSI is much less, then for other techniques: 150 nm for VSI and 0.5 nm for AFM and SEM. Vertical resolution of AFM (0.5 Ǻ) is better then for VSI (1 - 2 nm), however VSI is capable to measure a high vertical range of heights (1 mm) which makes possible to study even very rough surfaces. On the contrary, AFM allows us to measure only quite smooth surfaces because of its relatively small vertical scan range (7 µm). SEM has less resolution, than AFM because it requires coating of a conductive material with the thickness within several nm.

The significant advantage of VSI is that it can provide a large field of view (845 × 630 µm for 10x objective) of tested surfaces. Recent studies of surface roughness characteristics showed that the surface roughness parameters increase with the increasing field of view until a critical size of 250,000 µm is reached. This value is larger then the maximum field of view produced by AFM (100 × 100 µm) but can be easily obtained by VSI. SEM is also capable to produce images with large field of view. However, SEM is able to provide only 2D images from one scan while AFM and VSI let us to obtain 3D images. It makes quantitative analysis of surface topography more complicated, for example, topography of membranes is studied by cross section and top view images.

A comparison of VSI sample and resolution with AFM and SEM.
Lateral resolution 0.5-1.2 µm 0.5 nm 0.5-1 nm
Vertical resolution 2 nm 0.5 Å Only 2D images
Field of view 845 × 630 µm (10x objective) 100 × 100 µm 1-2 mm
Vertical range of scan 1 mm 10 µm -
Preparation of a sample - - Required coating of a conducted material
Required environment Air Air, liquid Vacuum

The experimental studying of surface processes using microscopic techniques

The limitations of each technique described above are critically important to choose appropriate technique for studying surface processes. Let’s explore application of these techniques to study dissolution of crystals.

When crystalline matter dissolves the changes of the crystal surface topography can be observed by using microscopic techniques. If we will apply an unreactive mask (silicon for example) on crystal surface and place a crystalline sample into the experiment reactor then we get two types of surfaces: dissolving and remaining the same or unreacted. After some period of time the crystal surface starts to dissolve and change its z-level. In order to study these changes ex situ we can pull out a sample from the reaction cell then remove a mask and measure the average height difference Δ h ˉ size 12{Δ { bar {h}}} {} between the unreacted and dissolved areas. The average heights of dissolved and unreacted areas are obtained through digital processing of data obtained by microscopes. The velocity of normal surface retreat v SNR size 12{v rSub { size 8{ ital "SNR"} } } {} during the time interval ∆t is defined as

{} v SNR = Δ h ¯ Δt size 12{v rSub { size 8{ ital "SNR"} } = { {Δ {overline {h}} } over {Δt} } } {}

Dividing this velocity by the molar volume V ¯ size 12{ {overline {V}} } {} (cm 3 /mol) gives a global dissolution rate in the familiar units of moles per unit area per unit time:

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