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General Background Information

For Adobe online documentation on this topic, see Using Drag and Drop .

A drag and drop operation is carried out in three stages:

  • Initiation
  • Dragging
  • Dropping


As you are probably already aware, initiation consists of the user pointing to an item with the mouse and pressing the mouse button.


During the drag operation, the user drags the item to another location on the screen without releasing the mouse button.


When the item has been dragged to the new location, the user releases the mouse button causing the item to remain in the new location.


It is also possible to copy an item using the drag and drop gestures, but that capability won't be illustrated in this lesson. Instead, this lesson willconcentrate on moving a Flex component from one location in its container to a different location in its container.

Classes and events

The sample program that I will explain in this lesson will use the following classes, methods, and events:

  • MouseEvent class
    • mouseDown event
  • DragEvent class
    • dragDrop event
    • dragEnter event
  • DragManager class
    • acceptDragDrop method
    • doDrag method
  • DragSource class
    • addData method
    • hasFormat method


I will explain a program named DragAndDrop01 . This program illustrates the fundamentals of drag and drop in ActionScript 3. The program places three imagesin the upper-left corner of a Canvas object as shown in Figure 1.

Program output at startup.

Program output at startup image.
Program output at startup.

The program file structure

The program file structure, taken from the Flex Builder 3 Navigator panel is as shown in Figure 2.

Program file structure.

Program file structure.
Program file structure.

Three image files

As you can see in Figure 2, the program uses the following image files :

  • 0 - space.jpg
  • 1 - snowscene.jpg
  • 2 - frog.jpg

The z-axes indices

The program sets the z-axis indices in the order shown in the above list on the Image objects produced using the image files. This causes the space image to be in the back (0), the frog image to be in the front (2), and the snowscene image to be in the middle (1).

The three images are initially placed in the upper-left corner of the canvas, which is shown as a cyan rectangle in Figure 1.

Any image can be dragged

If you run this program, you will see that any any of the images can be dragged and dropped anywhere within the canvas as long as the mouse pointer doesn't leave the canvas. However, if the edge of thedragged image goes outside the left edge or the top of the canvas, the drag and drop operation is aborted.

If the dragged image goes outside the right side or the bottom of the canvas, scroll bars automatically appear on the canvas as shown in Figure 3.

Program output after dragging the images

Figure 3 shows the program output after dragging the three images to different locations.

Program output after dragging the images.

Program output after dragging the images.
Program output after dragging the images.

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