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  • Trial>> indicates that the Command Window is in normal mode and the MATLAB license will expire after the trial period ends.
  • EDU>> indicates that the Command Window is in normal mode, in MATLAB Student Version.
  • >> indicates that the Command Window is in normal mode.

The Command Window.
The Command Window.

Command history

The Command History is a log of the commands we have executed in the command window.

The Command History.
The Command History.


The workspace consists of a set of variables stored in memory during a MATLAB session. To open the Workspace browser, select Desktop>Workspace in the MATLAB desktop, or type


at the Command Window prompt.


Current folder

The Current Folder is like the Finder in Mac OS X or Windows Explorer in Windows operating systems and allows us to browse through the files and folders. The Current Folder also displays details about files in your current directory and within the hierarchy of the folders it contains.

Current Folder
Current Folder.

Current Folder docked on the desktop.

Tool strip

The tool strip contains global tabs, Home, Plots and Apps. Contextual tabs become available when you need them.


The plots tab allows us to plot various types of graphs quickly and easily.

The plots tab.

The apps tab gives quick access to interactive applications within MATLAB environment.

The apps tab.

Layout button allows us to change the desktop layout or go back to the default configuration.

Desktop Layout
Layout button.


The MATLAB toolbar provides on-screen buttons to access frequently used features such as, copy, paste, undo and redo.

Tool Bar

Keyboard shortcuts

MATLAB provides keyboard shortcuts for viewing a history of commands and listing contextual help.

  1. The up arrow key,
  2. The tab key,
  3. The semicolon symbol.

The up arrow key

Suppose we want to enter the following equation:


But we mistakenly entered


MATLAB returns the following prompt:

??? Undefined function or method 'sine' for input arguments of type 'double'.

Instead of retyping the equation, press the up arrow key, the mistakenly entered line is displayed. Using the left arrow key, move the cursor to the misspelled letter. Make the correction and press Return or Enter to execute the command.

Pressing the up arrow key repeatedly recalls the previously entered commands. Likewise, typing the first characters of previously entered line and pressing the up arrow key displays the full command line. To execute that line, simply press the Return or Enter key.

The tab key

Suppose you forgot how to enter the square root command. Begin typing y=sq in the command prompt:


Then press the tab key and scroll down to sqrt . Select it and press Return or Enter key.


The semicolon symbol

The semicolon symbol at the end of a line suppresses the screen output. This is useful when you want to keep your command window clean.

Type the following entry and press the Return key:


The following output is displayed:

y = 4

Now, press the up arrow key to recall our initial entry


And insert a semicolon as follows:


No numerical result is displayed however MATLAB stores the value of y in the memory. We can recall the value y by simply typing y and pressing Return.

Matlab help

MATLAB comes with three forms of online help: help, doc and demos.


Typing help in the Command Window lists all primary help topics. You can display a topic by clicking on the link.



Or if you know the command or function you need help with, you can type help followed by the command or function. For example to learn about clc command, type help clc at the command prompt:

>>help clc

Help CLC
The output of >>help clc command.

Also try the following command: >>help clear

Help Clear
The output of >>help clear command.

To learn about sine function, type help sin at the command prompt:

>>help sin


Obviously, to use help effectively, you need to know what you are looking for. Often times, especially when you first start learning an application, it is usually difficult to ask the right questions. In the case of MATLAB, doc command is generally better than help . If you type doc in the command prompt, MATLAB opens a browser from where you can obtain help easier:


Built-in MATLAB Documentation.

Like using help sin , try typing doc sin in the command prompt:

>>doc sin


You can learn more about MATLAB through demos by typing demo in the command prompt, a list of links to demos will open in Help Browser. Demos and online seminars are available at product demos and online seminars .


Built-in MATLAB Demos.

Useful commands and functions

For a detailed explanation and examples for each of the following type ‘help function’ (without quotes) at the MATLAB prompt.

Useful commands and functions
Command/Function Meaning
clc Clear Command Window
clear Remove items from workspace
who, whos List variables in workspace
workspace Display Workspace browser
cd Change working directory
pwd Display current directory
computer Identify information about computer on which MATLAB is running
ver Display version information for MathWorks products
quit Terminate MATLAB
exit Terminate MATLAB (same as quit)

Summary of key points

  1. MATLAB is a popular technical computing application and MathWorks offers a trial version of MATLAB on their website,
  2. The MATLAB Desktop consists of Command Window, Command History, Workspace, Current Folder and Start Button,
  3. The up/down arrow keys, the tab key and the semicolon are convenient tools to use the Command Window,
  4. MATLAB features an online help, doc and demo,
  5. Various commands and functions make MATLAB experience easier, for example, clc, clear and exit .

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