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(Ref. 8 , 119 )


The Swiss were the best soldiers in Europe and were frequently hired out as mercenaries and they repulsed all attempts of the Austrian dukes to enforce feudal rights. In 1315, after defeating the Habsburg dukes by rolling rocks down the hills on to the knights, at the battle of Morgarten, three cantons made the further step of forming the Swiss Confederacy, on their way to establishing the most stable and sensible democracy in history. Soon the original three cantons had been joined by five others. The Confederacy, however, remained a part of the Holy Roman Empire, although the southern communes emancipated themselves from the domination of the House of Habsurg by defeating Leopold II of Swabia, in 1388. Blamed for spreading the Black Death, Jews were persecuted at Lake Geneva and Basel. (Ref. 222 )

Western europe

Famines, the Black Death (1346-53) and social and economic strife reordered the manorial system throughout western Europe, with the previous servile tenant becoming either a free-holder or wage worker. Laborers organized and revolts erupted. (Ref. 8 ) After 1350, for a hundred years there was a sharp drop in population and concomitantly a rise in the standard of living for the survivors of the epidemics and famines, as they inherited property and had more land for use and could concentrate on only the good, productive land. (Ref. 260 )


Racially and geographically Spain was lacking in unity. Its population was a mixture of many stocks - Iberian, Celtic, Carthaginian and Roman, Teutonic and Arabic, Moorish and Jewish - and its mountains had prevented it from acquiring homogeneity.

In the Christian areas they had only religion in common. The one saving grace of 14th century Spain was wool, the chief source of royal revenue. By 1400 this country was exporting wool all over Europe and especially to Tuscany, while English exports there had dropped. (Ref. 213 , 222 )

Bands of mercenaries employed by every side took place in dynastic wars over most of the country. Although the successors of Alfonso X were not very capable, Alfonso XI (1340) did defeat an attack of Spanish and Moroccon Moslems and ended the African menace. This battle of Rio Salado (1340) saw perhaps the first use of cannon in Europe. (Ref. 281 ) Throughout the Hundred Years War, Castile supported France but tried to avoid actual hostility with England. Pedro the Cruel came to power in mid-century and, helped by the Franciscan monks, promoted a terrible persecution of Jews. Some of the latter converted to Christianity while others fled or were killed. Otherwise Pedro's reign was little more than a dynastic struggle with his half-brother, Enrigue (Henry) Trastamara.

The French, outraged by Pedro's treatment of his French wife, sent Du Guesclin to Spain to support Enrigue, while the English supported Pedro until they, too, became estranged by the kings' viscous character. Ultimately Enrigue defeated and killed Pedro and subsequently reigned as Enrigue II Trastamara. In Spanish history this was the "Trastamara usurpation" of 1369. Peace was made with both Aragon and Portugal by 1374. (Ref. 222 ) Enrigue's son, John I, and grandson, Enrigue III followed him on the throne before the end of the century.

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