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English first additional language

Grade 8

Entrepreneurship: wheels can give you wings!

Module 8

More about words

Activity 1:

Something about words

[lo 3.8.1, 6.9]

Using A Dictionary

A dictionary lists words in alphabetical order so that it is easy to find a word. It explains the meaning and origin of a word and shows all the different meanings that a word might have. Some dictionaries give the equivalent of a word in another language.

What are guidewords ?

  • These words appear at the top of the page.
  • The word in the top left-hand corner of the left-hand page, and the word in the top right-hand corner of the right-hand page show the first and last words on the doublespread.

Look at the following abbreviations :

  • adj. adjective n. noun pl. plural
  • adv. adverb v. verb sl. slang

Study the column on the left. This is what a page from a dictionary looks like. Use this to find the answers to the questions on the right.

bang n.,&v. – n. 1 a loud noise 2 an explosion 3 the report of a gun 4 a fringe of hair cut straight across the forehead. – v. 1 to shut noisily 2 to cause a sound like an explosion. banger n. 1 Brit. sl. a sausage bangle n. ornamental band worn round the arm or ankle. banish v. to expel a person esp. from a country. banjo n. (pl. – os or –oes) a stringed musical instrument bank 1 n. 1 the edge of land by a river 2 a mass of clouds bank 2 n.,&v. –n a financial business where money is deposited or withdrawn. -v. to rely on. 1 . What is the British slang word for a sausage? 2 . How many meanings does this list give for the noun “bang”? 3 . What word can be used for “the side of a river” as well as a place where “money is deposited and withdrawn”? 4 . What would you do with a bangle? 5 . If you needed to make music, what would you buy?

Activity 1:

More about words

[lo 3.8.2, 6.9]


dough confectionery splendid route
mental disillusioned physical sculptor
scenery immediately continent pedalled
ruffian indigenous gruelling remnants
bankrupt excitement adversaries remnants

Arrange the twenty words in the word-box above in alphabetical order. The educator will time you!

From the word-box on the previous page choose the correct word to complete each of the following sentences. The first letter of each missing word has been given. (Note that the word in italics explains the meaning.)

1. Your enemies are you’re a_______________

2. Your m______________ powers are the powers of your mind.

3. The protea is an i.____________ flowering shrub which grows naturally in South Africa.

4. People who feel d___________must try not to continue to feel disappointed ; they must handle their disappointment in a positive way.

5. A baker prepares d______________ by making a mixture of flour and water .

6. It is important to keep your body in good shape by getting enough p.________ exercise.

7. You will need a road map to plan your r_________ from Johannesburg to CapeTown.

8. The school bully was a r____________ who was the leader of a bunch of hooligans .

9. As we cycled through the countryside , we admired the s___________________

10. It was a g________________ track. Only those who were tough could complete the race.

Questions & Answers

the art of managing the production, distribution and consumption.
Satangthem Reply
what is economics
Khawar Reply
marginal utility is the additional satisfaction one derives from consuming additional unit of a good or service.
It's the allocation of scarce resources.
marginal utility please?
marginal utility is the additional satisfaction one derives from consuming additional unit of a good or service.
I know the definition, but I don't understand its meaning.
what is the must definition of economic please?
demand lfs
Economics is derived from the word Oikonomia which means management of household things. Thus, Economics is a study of household things with the constrains of allocating scare resources.
what is Open Market Operation
Adu Reply
dominating middlemen men activities circumstances
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what Equilibrium price
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what is gap
who is good with the indifference curve
What is diseconomic
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what are the types of goods
how can price determination be the central problem of micro economics
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marginal cost formula
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you should differentiate the total cost function in order to get marginal cost function then you can get marginal cost from it
What about total cost
how can price determination be the central problem if micro economics
formula of cross elasticity of demand
Theresia Reply
what is ceteris paribus
Priyanka Reply
what is ceteris parabus
Ceteris paribus - Literally, "other things being equal"; usually used in economics to indicate that all variables except the ones specified are assumed not to change.
What is broker
land is natural resources that is made by nature
What is broker
what is land
What is broker
land is natural resources that is made by nature
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what is this?
am from nigeria@ pilo
am from nigeria@ pilo
what is production possibility frontier
it's a summary of opportunity cost depicted on a curve.
please help me solve this question with the aid of appropriate diagrams explain how each of the following changes will affect the market price and quantity of bread 1. A
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Wat d meaning of management
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disaster management cycle
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cooperate social responsibility
Fedric Wilson Taylor also define management as the act of knowing what to do and seeing that it is done in the best and cheapest way
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