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Social sciences


Grade 9

Sustainable utilisation of resources

Module 6

The principles of agenda 21

Activity 1:

To investigate the importance of resources, their sustainable use and the responsibility that all of us have in this regard

[lo 1.3]

Read the following passages on Agenda 21 and then answer the questions.


Agenda 21 is a worldwide action plan for development that is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. The term sustainable means that development can be sustained and continued, without exhausting the Earth’s natural resources. This plan was accepted at the United Nations conference on the Environment and Development that took place in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Try to find this city on a world map and remember in which country and on which continent it is. The aim of Agenda 21 is to develop principles and programmes for a better balance between development and the Earth’s natural resources . All development depends on this. The conference proposed that the principles of Agenda 21 should be implemented throughout the world on the local level. This practical implementation programme is known as Local Agenda 21 .

The Local Agenda 21- Mandate

By 1996, most local authorities in every country, should have completed a consultative process with their people, and should have reached consensus regarding the Local Agenda 21 .

Local Agenda 21 in South Africa

First try to learn what we mean by the term ‘local’. As part of our own reconstruction and development programme, the three largest cities in South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban) began their own Local Agenda 21 programme that was in agreement with the Local Agenda 21 mandate in 1994/95. These early programmes started a series of activities throughout the country, so that cities such as Kimberley, Port Elizabeth, East London and Pietermaritzburg also started their own Local Agenda 21 programmes. At provincial level, provinces such as KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo launched campaigns to ensure that local authorities became involved with Local Agenda 21 plans on a large scale. In 1998 the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism launched a National Local Agenda 21 to support, co-ordinate and link activities in an extensive network throughout the country.

Principles of Local Agenda 21 in South Africa

People-centred development. (Focus on training and empowerment of people, such as ……..)

Provision of basic needs (provision of facilities and services most needed by people, such as ……….)

Integrated planning and development instead of a sector-based approach. (The whole area and its people are developed together, not just certain aspects, e.g. ……….)

Sustainable development. The environment and resources are not negatively affected by prolonged development.

Local Agenda 21 in Durban

Durban’s Local Agenda 21 (LA21) programme was launched with the appointment of the city’s first Environmental Manager in 1994. In 1995 a special section was created for this purpose.

After extensive support was obtained from key interest groups – inclusive of the local authorities, the public sector and new development forums – the Durban Town Council of the time accepted the mandate for the implementation of the Local Agenda 21 as their responsibility in August 1994. This decision was later ratified (in 1996) by the relevant councils newly-constituted Durban Metropolitan area.

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