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English first additional language

The lonely caterpillar

Educator section


In Grade 2 the learners will build new experiences in the additional language on those learnt in Grade 1 as well as those learnt in their Home Language. They will continue to need many listening and speaking opportunities so as to develop their reading and writing skills in Grade 2.

A wide vocabulary is very important. The ICS modules for Grade 2 provide opportunities for the revision of Grade 1 vocabulary and they gradually introduce and consolidate new vocabulary by means of poems, rhymes, stories, riddles and jokes and games to play.

Learners are encouraged to answer questions, and to take part in discussions and conversations on familiar topics.

The attention is drawn to the sounds of letters in the additional language and learners discover that some letters sound the same as in their home language whereas others differ.

Although the educator will attend to correct pronunciation at this stage, learners should always be encouraged to speak the additional language without feeling incompetent and self-conscious.

By keeping the dictionary pages at the end of each module in a file, learners can revise the vocabulary and use these lists as a personal dictionary to which they can refer when completing or writing sentences and stories.

Time scheduled for the modules 1 to 8

It is suggested that the average learners complete all eight modules during the year, completing ± two modules per term.

The slower learners will proceed at their own pace while the quick learners can be given more tasks if necessary.

All learners in Grade 2 should be exposed to all the listening, speaking and reading activities in these eight modules to ensure that progression occurs throughout.

Cas is one of many creatures living in the hedge around Farmer Brown’s farm. The characteristics of chameleons and the dangers which they must confront are described in the stories and poem to be listened to and read.

More nursery rhymes, riddles and phonic exercises are included.

Two singing games are included in this module. “The Farmer’s in the dell” and “Here we go round the mulberry bush.” Learners can act these out while singing the songs.

The first sounds which are different are introduced in phonics activities namely a , o , i .

The lonely caterpillar tries to find a friend with whom to share his leaves but he is unsuccessful.

Greeting forms are practised and the wise old owl comes to the rescue of the caterpillar who ventures out and leaves the hedge in search of a friend.

The poem describes the life cycle of the butterfly.

Integration of themes

  • Human rights

By discussing the story of “the lonely caterpillar” who was looking for a friend, learners become aware of the interrelationship between themselves and their friends and the responsibility they have towards their friends.

  • A healthy environment

Discuss the life cycle of the butterfly and the advantages/disadvantages to the environment of each stage.

Leaner section


Sing this song

  • Let your teacher teach you this song.
  • Sing it together.

1. The farmer’s in the dell (2)

Hey, Ho the derry ‘O

The farmer’s in the dell.

2. The farmer takes a wife (2)

Hey, Ho the derry ‘O

The farmer takes a wife.

3. The wife takes a child (2)

Hey, Ho the derry ‘O

The wife takes a child.

4. The child takes a nurse (2)

Hey, Ho the derry ‘O

The child takes a nurse.

5. The nurse takes a dog (2)

Hey, Ho the derry ‘O

The nurse takes a dog.

6. The dog takes a cat (2)

Hey, Ho the derry ‘O

The dog takes a cat.

7. The cat takes a rat (2)

Hey, Ho the derry ‘O

The cat takes a rat.

8. The rat takes the cheese (2)

Hey, Ho the derry ‘O

The rat takes the cheese.

9. And we all pat the cheese (2)

Hey, Ho the derry ‘O

We all pat the cheese.

  • Now play the game while you sing.

Step 1: Hold hands and make a circle.

One child stands in the middle to be the “farmer”.

Step 2: Verse 2 – the farmer chooses a wife.

Step 3: Verse 3 – the wife chooses a child.

Step 4: Verse 4 – the child chooses a nurse.

Step 5: Verse 5 – the nurse chooses a dog.

Step 6: Verse 6 – the dog chooses a cat.

Step 7: Verse 7 – the cat chooses a rat.

Step 8: Verse 8 – the rat chooses a cheese.

Step 9: Verse 9 – everybody moves into the middle and pats the cheese.

The cheese becomes the new farmer and all the others join the circle when you play the game the second time.

LO 1.3 LO 2.2 LO 3.7

Another song to sing

  • Listen to the words.
  • Learn the words.
  • Sing the song.
  • Do the actions.

1. Here we go round the mulberry bush,

the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush.

here we go round the mulberry bush

so early in the morning.

2. This is the way we wash our hands

we wash our hands, we wash our hands.

this is the way we wash our hands

so early in the morning.

3. Choose any further actions for the other verses e.g.:

This is the way we brush our teeth (hair);

This is the way we clean our shoes (the floor);

This is the way we sit up straight (fold our arms, touch our knees; etc.).

LO 1.3 LO 2.2 LO 3.7


Learning Outcome 1: LISTENING : The learner is able to listen for information and enjoyment and respond appropriately and critically in a wider range of situations.

Assessment Standard 1.3: We know this when the learner shows understanding of a short sequence of instructions;

Learning Outcome 2: SPEAKING : The learner is able to communicate confidently and effectively in spoken language in a wide range of situations;

2.2 memorises and performs songs, action rhymes and simple poems;

Assessment Standard 1.3: We know this when the learner shows understanding of a short sequence of instructions;

Learning Outcome 3: READING AND VIEWING : The learner is able to read and view for information and enjoyment, and respond critically to the aesthetic, cultural and emotional values in texts;

Assessment Standard 3.7: We know this when the learner reads familiar rhymes.

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