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b) Three of the most important problems confronting the government are mentioned in reports 1 to 3. Describe each of these problems in a sentence or two.

c) In report 4 we read about the agreement between the municipal authorities of the City of Cape Town and the O.R. Tambo district municipality in the Eastern Cape. These two authorities understood the problem and made a joint effort to find a solution. In your own words, say what they (1) identified as the problem and (2) how they intend to solve it. (3) Give your own opinion on this approach to the problem. Is this a good or a bad idea? Why?

d) What is the underlying reason for the large-scale permanent migration of people who leave the Eastern Cape to settle in the Western Cape?

2.2 But what about the Eastern Cape? Doesn’t the loss of a large section of its population affect the Eastern Cape?

A lot of attention has been paid to the effect of new residents pouring into the Western Cape. You have just completed an assignment on the reasons for and the solutions to this problem. And you have taken note that dealing with this challenge is not the sole responsibility of the Western Cape! What is the key word to the solution? (c…………….)

Now we are going to look at the effects on areas which had been left behind by so many people.

Activity 5:

To list the effects on community life

[lo 3.2]

b) Churches:

c) Retail:

d) Job availability:

e) Municipal services:

Now decide if such a major loss of inhabitants as an advantage (+) or disadvantage (-) for the area, and write the appropriate symbol in the square provided.


Learning Outcomes(LOs)
LO 1
GEOGRAPHICAL ENQUIRYThe learner will be able to use enquiry skills to investigate geographical and environmental concepts and processes.
Assessment standards(ASe)
We know this when the learner:
1.2 organises and interprets information relevant to the enquiry from simple graphs, maps, and statistical sources [works with sources];
1.5 uses information to suggest answers, propose alternatives and possible solutions [answers the question];
1.6 reports on the inquiry using evidence from the sources including maps, diagrams and graphics; where possible uses computers in the presentation [communicates the answer].
LO 3
EXPLORING ISSUESThe learner will be able to make informed decisions about social and environmental issues and problems.
We know this when the learner:
3.1 identifies challenges to societies and settlements, with focus on population growth and change [identifies the issue];
3.2 identifies the factors that contribute to population growth and change [factors affecting the issue];
3.3 identifies processes that affect population growth and change in various places [factors affecting the issue];
3.4 suggests ways of responding to issues associated with population growth and change in a particular context [makes choices].


This learning unit has been designed not only to enable learners to understand migration, but also to cultivate an understanding of the people whose lives have been affected most by the phenomenon.

A grade 7 learner cannot be expected to display the insight and decision making skills of an adult. Rather concentrate on cultivating a comprehension of problematic situations instead of looking for solutions.

Activity 1:

  • The Karoo and the North Western Cape (a part of Namaqualand)
  • Gauteng

Activity 2:

Section a

  • the movement of people
  • people who leave the country

c) people who enter the country

Section b

People are looking for a better life (*).

Workers are transferred to work elsewhere.

Workers apply for another job and must then move.

People retire and then settle elsewhere.

People return to areas that were taken from them under the previous political dispensation.

(*) Probably this is the most obvious phenomenon in South Africa, and will be discussed in greater detail later in the module.

Activity 3:

The D represents the powers that cause people to leave rural areas, whereas the U represents the attractions of city life. Where do people want to live?

(a) Factories offer many work opportunities U
(b) Shortage of hospitals D
(c) Enough good schools and short distances to and from school U
(d) Higher salaries and wages in general U
(e) Big variety of entertainment and recreation available U
(f) Big variety of job opportunities available U
(g) Easy to change jobs U
(h) Children mostly far from schools D
(i) Mechanisation leads to fewer job opportunities D
(j) Problems with travelling due to a lack of public transport D
(k) Ample choice of public transport U
(l) Wages too low in some cases D
(m) Too quiet for those who prefer company D
(n) Sufficient health services and hospitals U
(o) Limited job opportunities in small towns D

Activity 1:




b) (1) Presently there are hopelessly too many learners for the schools.

The WCED cannot keep up with building new schools.

  1. The migration patterns are not going to change.

(3) People are erecting shacks in places that are not suitable for building.

In winter the living conditions of people in squatter camps (informal settlements) are critical.

c) (1) Poverty and poor living conditions due to a shortage of job opportunities are the main reasons.

  • The improvement of living conditions of the people of the Eastern Cape is their main purpose. This will be achieved if more jobs are created and ways are found to make the people self supporting.
  • Most learners will probably recognise that it is a good plan. What they must realise is that the plans must be sustainable.



a) Schools become empty, or if schools were over utilised, conditions would improve.

b) Church members leave, and churches struggle to meet their commitments.

c) There are fewer clients, as a result shop owners struggle.

d) Because there are fewer job seekers, the remaining people will find odd jobs to do. The situation might arise that there are not enough people to do the work.

e) Municipal services will improve, and because service delivery is poor, less pressure will be exerted.

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