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Replace the ramp generator input with a step function. This simulates someone stamping on the gas!

Reference simulation for f2812

Running the vehicle dynamics simulation

Open VehicleDynamicsF2812Simulation.mdl .

Modified Model for F2812

Run this model. This is the behavior that should be seen when the real-time model is run on the ezDSP for F2812.

Creating your own models

Creating a new matlab model

Start Matlab 7.3.0 R2006b

In the top left hand corner of the Matlab screen, select: File ->New ->Model.

A New MatLab Model

The following screen will appear.

An Empty MatLab Model

Saving the new model

Save the model as “vehicle_dynamics.mdl”.

Saving the new model

Opening the library browser

Select View->Library Browser

Selecting the Library Browser

Selecting the subsystems

A list of available blocks will appear. Select “Commonly used blocks”. Highlight “Subsystems”. Drag-and-drop two copies of this block into the model.

The Simulink Library Browser

Subsystems added

Rename the Subsystems to “Engine Management” and “Vehicle Dynamics”.

Subsystems Added

Drag-and-drop a “saturation” block onto the model.

Adding a ramp generator

From the Simulink Library Browser, select “Sources”. Drag-and-drop the “Ramp” block onto the model.

Adding a Ramp Generator

Adding scope blocks

From the Simulink Library Browser, select “Sinks”.

Drag-and-drop the “Scope” block onto the model twice.

Drag-and-drop the “Display” block onto the model twice.

Adding a Scope

Joining and renaming the blocks

Join the blocks as shown in the figure below. Change the names and add a title.

First Blocks Added

Setting the solver

The ode45 solver is not suitable for use with DSP. “Fixed Point Discrete” is required.

Configuring the Solver

The engine management subsystem

Overview of the engine management subsystem

The first stage of the Engine Management Subsystem is a “Gain” block, which converts the Gas Pedal input (0-100%) to 0-4000 rpm.

The second stage is a lookup table. This converts from rpm to hp.

The Engine Management Subsystem

Adding a lookup table

From the Simulink Lookup Tables, drag-and-drop the “Lookup Table” block onto the model.

Adding a Lookup Table

Double click on the “Lookup Table” block.

Lookup Table Block Parameters

The values for the table can also be inserted as a table. Click on the “Edit” box.

Lookup Table Values

Click on "Plot" as shown above, and you will see:

Adjusting the Lookup Table

The vehicle dynamics subsystem

Overview of vehicle dynamics subsystem

The C28x operates in discrete-time; therefore the continuous integrator must be replaced by a “Discrete Time Integrator” for DSP model implementation.

Vehicle Dynamics Subsystem

Select the “Main” tab. Change the “Constant value” to 0. Click on “OK”.

Running the simulation

The ramp generator gently changes the Gas Pedal from 0% to 100%. This simulates smooth acceleration. The Horsepower and Vehicle Speed are shown on the graphs.

Running the Simulation

Modifications for ezdsp f2812

In order to run the model on the ezDSP F2812, some additional blocks need to be added to the project:

  • An Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) to allow a potentiometer input.
  • A block to scale the ADC input to the range 0 to 100%.
  • A Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) to convert the Vehicle Speed to an analog output in the range 0 to 3.3V

Connecting the f2812 ezdsp

For Matlab and Simulink to run correctly, you need to run the F2812 ezDSP.

Connect the F2812 hardware to the parallel port of the computer and turn on the supply to the board.

When the board is powered, the two green LED lights on the board will come on during self-test.

Start Code Composer Studio for F2812 ezDSP and use Debug ->Connect

Startup Screen for Code Composer Studio (CCS)

Opening the library browser

Select View->Library Browser

Selecting the Library Browser

A list of available blocks will appear. We are particularly interested in the “Embedded Target for TI C2000 DSP”. Click on this selection.

In the following sections we will select the building blocks for the DSP model shown in Figure 30.

The Simulink Library Browser

Selecting target preferences

From the C2000 Target Preferences, select “F2812 ezDSP”. Drag-and-drop the icon onto the new model.

Figure 26 – Selecting Target Preferences

When the following screen appears, it is important to select “Yes”.

Initializing Simulation Parameters

Scaling the adc readings

To scale the ADC reading to the Gas Pedal 0 to 100% we will multiply the ADC input by 800 then divide by 32768.

Figure 28 – Scaling the ADC

Scaling the dac output

To scale the kph to the DAC output, we will multiply the kph input by 312.5. The “Saturation” block limits the output to 200 kph.

Scaling the DAC

The finished model

To scale the kph to the DAC output, we will multiply the kph input by 312.5.

The Final Model

Building the model

Select Tools ->Real-Time Workshop ->Build Model.

Building the Model

You may find the final model here .

Comparing performance

The real-time model running on the ezDSP F2812 should now be behaving in the same way as the Simulation.


  1. Spectrum Digital Incorporated, "eZdspTM F2812 Technical Reference" Rev. F, September 2003. ( (External Link) )

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