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Alternative Names: Girga

Latitude/Longitude: 26° 20' 45" N/ 031° 53' 10" E

Ground plan of the grotto of girgeh.

"Ground Plan of the Grotto of Girgeh." "Egypt, Handbook for Traveling, pt.1 Lower Egypt, with the Fayum and the peninsula of Sinai".(K. Baedeker, Leipsic, 1885) p. 170. From TIMEA

A city near to the ancient city of Abydos, located on the west bank of the Nile, in lower Middle Egypt. It is named for St. George and is the seat of aCoptic Bishopric; it is also home to the oldest Catholic monastery in Egypt. This town is likely the site of the ancient city of This, ancestral home of the FirstEgyptian Dynasty, the rulers who united Upper and Lower Egypt.

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Alternative Names: Nazlet el Nasâra; Nazlat al Masārah; Masâra

Latitude/Longitude: 27° 29' 30" N/ 030° 50' 15" E

An area just south and across the Nile from Memphis, this area was mostly used as a limestone quarry for building projects. This area is still in useas a quarry.

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Latitude/Longitude: 29° 52' 00" N/ 031° 15' 00" E

The site of the ancient memphis: a village and its cemetery.

"The Site of the Ancient Memphis: A Village and Its Cemetery." "Oriental Cairo: the city of the 'Arabian Nights." (J.B. Lippincott Company: Philadelphia andHurst&Blackett, Ltd.: London, 1911). p 334. From TIMEA

Founded around 3,100 BCE, and situated at the beginning point of the Nile Delta, this city was the first capital of a united Egypt, though it was likelyinhabited long before that. And even though the capital moved to Thebes, the city retained its importance and size; the ancient cemeteries stretch for 19 miles alongthe bank of the Nile, giving us an indication of the city’s immense population. The most significant ruins and statuary today are a colossus of Ramses II and analabaster sphinx. A temple to Ptah was excavated by William Flanders Petrie, but there is little left of it. Once surrounded by white walls, they eventually eroded,allowing the city to be covered with silt. Located just south of Cairo, it was in an excellent position to command both Lower and Upper Egypt, as is Cairo today.

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Alternative Names: Ṣaqqâra; Sakkara

Latitude/Longitude: 29° 51' 00" N/ 031° 13' 00" E

Pyramids and tombs of sakkara

Wagner&Debes "Pyramids and Tombs of Sakkara." "Egypt and the Sudân. Sixth remodelled edition". (K. Baedeker: Leipzig, 1908): 142bc. From TIMEA

Located about two miles southwest of Memphis, and serving as the necropolis for the ancient capital of Egypt, this site houses the first significantOld Kingdom pyramid, the step pyramid tomb of Zoser (Djoser). The architect for the complex, which is the site of at least 16 pyramids, was the highly respectedImhotep, and today there is an Imhotep Museum on the site. Additionally, Saqqarah was the tomb of Apis, the bull who represented Osiris on earth. Many mummified bullshad been pilfered from the temple, but one remained and is now in the Agricultural Museum of Egypt.

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