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How do you know if space will work?

  • Look at the total square feet
  • How is it laid out? Can you imagine/plan your work in that space?
  • How close is the space to colleagues of interest to you? To requisite shared equipment?
  • Is it near your proposed office? Far away? Which do you want (people vary a lot)?
  • Think about what you envision doing and then put yourself and your research group in the proposed space

Questions to ask

Space may be “start-up” with the potential to expand when your group expands (it may also not be expandable)

  • Ask if additional space will be possible when your group reaches critical mass
  • Ask if “shared” space is feasible when you expand beyond current assigned space

Questions to ask

  • Does your teaching assignment matter to you?
    • Within what limits?
    • What courses would you like to teach?
    • What would you be willing to teach?
  • Will you have a teaching “break” as you start your research program? How long?
  • Will you have TA support?



How do you know if the salary is in the appropriate range?

  • Hard to get salary figures from privates
  • Can get national “averages,” but may not be informative
  • Talk with faculty in your department to get a sense of the starting range in your field
  • Think about what you need to live with some level of comfort in the community
    • Salaries vary considerably depending on local cost-of-living

Can i ask for more?

Salary is the most sensitive of the issues in some ways

  • The department wants you to come, so they’ll work hard to offer a good salary
  • Your salary impacts the salary ladder in the department/school/institution
  • Providing a salary higher than previously hired assistant professors (or worse still, associate professors/professors) creates long-standing resentments and problems
  • If you ask for more, do it with good information and no expectations

State vs. Private institutions

  • State institutions have greater “rule-based” limitations
    • Salary grades may be set and harder to negotiate
    • Less flexibility in fund management
  • Private institutions are generally smaller
    • Stepping out of “salary lineup” has greater consequences

Appointment terms

Initial term of appointment is set by institutional policies

  • 3 year, 4 year with renewal is common
    • Renewal is determined by a review process
  • Tenure decision at 6-8 years is common
    • Tenure is determined by internal/external review process
  • Definition of academic year/summer also may vary with institutions

When to talk about start-up

  • You can inquire generally about research start-up during the interview process.
  • If a faculty member (or the Chair) asks you about equipment needs, answer them clearly and concisely
  • If the Chair initiates a discussion of start-up needs, provide detailed and clear information, keeping the option to give more information later
  • Ascertain whether the information sought is for equipment/supplies (usual) or everything

Form of information

  • If the request is verbal, provide verbal answers and inquire if more detailed information would be useful
  • If more detailed information is requested, give written information
    • Excel sheet is easy to manage (can give hard copy and also send via email)
    • Make sure that all information is correct and pricing is current

      • Use catalog prices or quotations

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