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Dr. farideh mashayekh

Farideh Mashayekh
Farideh Mashayekh
Dr. Farideh Mashayekh serves as a Strategic Consultant in Educational Planning and Pedagogy with Pedagogy.ir. Much of her teaching, research, and other work have focused on systems approaches to planning adult education and lifelong learning and the application of cognitive and constructivist schools of thought in teaching-learning processes. In addition to being a prime mover behind Pedagogy.ir, she is a thought leader in the adult education community in Iran.

Pat masson

Pat Masson
Pat Masson

Pat Masson’s contribution to the OSS series was from personal experience about the barriers to institutional adoption of open source software. Pat currently serves as the Chief Information Officer for New York College of Technology at Delhi. As CIO, Pat provides oversight, leadership and vision for the college’s Campus Information Services including enterprise applications, technical centers and labs, server/systems administration, network&telecommunications, online/distance learning as well as user support such as help desk services.

Dick moore

Pat Masson
Pat Masson
Dick Moore serves as Director of Technology at Ufi , where he looks after four teams that design, build and maintain learndirect’s IT infrastructure. The concept of a ‘University for Industry’ led to the creation of Ufi, which in turn serves as an umbrella organization supporting learndirect. Learndirect is the world’s largest publicly funded e-learning platform with in excess of 2,5 million learners.

Craig perue

Craig Perue
Craig Perue

Craig Perue was appointed as the first staff member in the Instruction Support Systems unit in the IT department of the largest University of the West Indies campus in 2003. Craig was responsible for stimulating faculty adoption of WebCT which was being implemented across the University that year. The programme was so successful that the campus outstripped its budget for WebCT licenses which then allowed Craig to lead the evaluation of open source alternatives and one of the largest early implementations of moodle (15,000 students) in January 2004. As the manager of the campus’s educational technology practice, he led the campus’s re-branding and development of moodle as OurVLE and the campus’s migration away from WebCT, as well as the successful evangelization of moodle throughout the University and the English-speaking Caribbean.

Ruth sabean

Ruth Sabean
Ruth Sabean

The first guest contributor in our OSS Series, Ruth Sabean serves as the assistant vice provost for educational technology in UCLA’s College of Letters and Science and director of educational technology in the university’s Office of Information Technology .

Sabean is responsible for developing strategic educational technology plans and initiatives for UCLA that will improve the student educational experience through technology. From 1993–2002, she was the assistant director for educational technology in UCLA’s Office of Instructional Development, following positions directing and managing academic computing services at Cornell University and UCLA, and an early career in software development. She is an active member of EDUCAUSE , Seminars on Academic Computing (SAC), and the New Media Consortium (NMC). She has served on the boards of SAC, the NMC, and the EDUCAUSE Advisory Committee on Teaching&Learning. Sabean holds an M.S. degree in computer science from the University of Pittsburgh .

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