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Life orientation

Grade 4

Good health

Module 5

Road safety

Road safety: Traffic rules for pedestrians and cyclists

We often read about accidents involving scholars on their way to school either on foot or on their bicycles. Many of these accidents can be prevented if children (and their parents) are familiar with and obey traffic rules.

These are a few of the basic rules that pedestrians must obey

Before crossing the street, first look to your right, then to your left and then to the right again to make sure that there aren’t any vehicles approaching and then cross the street.

When crossing a busy street, it should be done at a robot or stop street, and not just any place.

Cross a street at the zebra pedestrian crossing, or at a scholar patrol crossing if it is available.

Always walk on the sidewalk and not in the street. Where there isn’t a sidewalk or a safety strip alongside the road, walk briskly on the shoulder of the road as far as possible away from the traffic, facing the approaching vehicles (i.e. on the right-hand side).

Be very careful at driveways for vehicles.

Do not play ball games or chase one another near or in a motor road.

A few rules that cyclists must remember

Make sure that your bicycle is roadworthy.

Your bicycle must have a bell.

When you are riding at dusk or in the dark, your bicycle must have a light.

Always wear a crash helmet. It protects your head (and brain) if you fall or are involved in an accident. It could save your life.

Ride as far as possible only along bicycle paths.

Plan your route to school and choose the safest route and not necessarily the shortest route.

Never ride alongside your friend, but ride behind each other.

Give clear and correct hand signals when you want to turn.

Never perform tricks when there is traffic on the road.

Activity 1

To draw a road map for cyclists [LO 1.4]

Draw a road map for cyclists or motorcars of the streets in the immediate vicinity of the school. The following must be indicated or drawn where applicable:

  • The school
  • The entrances to the school
  • Sidewalks or safe walking areas for pedestrians
  • The bus stop or taxi rank
  • Scholar patrol crossing
  • Zebra pedestrian crossing
  • Traffic lights
  • Stop streets
  • Parking areas
  • Bicycle routes
  • Bicycle shed
  • Traffic official on duty during peak hour traffic

Draw arrows with a green pen or colour pencil to indicate the safest route for pedestrians, and indicate the safest route for cyclists in purple. Red crosses indicate danger zones on the route.


1 2 3 4
Correct identification of dangerous areas
Accuracy of “map work”
Execution of assignment
Additional mark for creativity and originality



The learner will be able to make informed decisions regarding personal, community and environmental health.

Assessment Standard

We know this when the learner

1.4 lists and explains traffic rules relevant to road users.

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