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This is a conversion of a presentation given at the Negotiating the Ideal Faculty Position Workshop given on October 14-16, 2007. This presentation was compiled by Carlos Castillo-Chavez, University Regents and Joaquin Bustoz Jr Professor at Arizona State University.

Marjorie lee browne

David blackwell (1919-)

  • David Blackwell is Professor Emeritus. He has done fundamental work in game theory, Bayesian inference and information theory. He is an author of the classic book Theory of Games and Statistical Decisions, and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences.

Ro and mentorship

Number of secondary conversions generated by a “typical” “mentor” in a population of mostly susceptibles.

  • No sustained conversions
  • Epidemic of “future mentors”



Mtbi 1996

Mexican youth prize 2003

  • Mexican President Vicente Fox and his wife with all the Mexican Youth Prize awardees at Los Pinos (November 24, 2003)

Research professors

Priscilla greenwood

Karl p. hadeler

Post-doctoral student

Luis gordillo

Mentorship is a key component

Gilbert walter

  • UW-Milwaukee
  • Prevented me from quitting

Fred brauer

  • University of Wisconsin, UBC
  • My Ph.D advisor

Simon a. levin

  • Ecology&Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University
  • My postdoctoral advisor

Kenneth cooke

  • Pomona College
  • Taught me many things--delay differential equations.

Herbert hethcote

  • University Iowa
  • Taught me mathematical epidemiology.

Mentors at a distance

David blackwell and richard tapia

Distinguished Lecture Series in the Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

David Blackwell and Richard Tapia

This lecture series provide a unique forum to highlight the current research of talented African American, Latino and Native American scientists working in the mathematical and statistical sciences.

The audience at the lecture series


  • Arlie O. Petters (Duke)
    • Held at MSRI
  • Rodrigo Bañuelos (Purdue)
    • Held at IPAM

William i. velez, university of arizona

William I. Velez

Joaquin bustoz jr 1939-2003

Joaquin Bustoz Jr

  • SUMS Founder
  • Director ASU-Math-Science Honors Program, 1985-2003

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