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"Put simply, and this should be our collective motto - the stronger the start, the better the finish," Riley added. "We now knowthat every conversation we have with an infant can literally spark [his or her]brain to grow some more. Our children are eager to learn, they are creative in how they learn, and they have an extraordinary capacity to learnif we know how to encourage them the right way. "

Reggio emilia

Adults are often amazed by young children's unexpected perceptions of the world and the unique ways in which theyexpress their imagination. We also know, however, that children usually need adult support to find the means and the confidence to bring forth theirideas day after day. When considering both teacher-initiated and child-initiated strategies for enhancing young children'sself-expression and creativity, the preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, can be a universal resource.

How Young Children Learn

In Reggio Emilia, Italy, home of some of the best preschools in the world, children grow up surrounded by centuries-oldmasterpieces of architecture, painting, and sculpture. Citizens are especially proud of their artistic heritage, and art becomes a naturalvehicle in educational approaches for helping children explore and solve problems.

The documentation of young children's work provided by Reggio Emilia educators highlights young children's amazingcapabilities and indicates that it is through the unity of thinking and feeling that young children can explore their world, represent theirideas, and communicate with others at their highest level. When educators fully understand how exploration, representation, and communicationfeed one other, they can best help children achieve this potential.

Several aspects of young children's learning are important to consider when thinking about art and creative activities(Edwards&Hiler, 1993). First, young children are developmentally capable of classroom experiences which call for (and practice)higher-level thinking skills, including analysis (breaking down material into component parts to understand the structure, seeingsimilarities and differences); synthesis (putting parts together to form a new whole, rearranging, reorganizing); and evaluation (judging thevalue of material based on definite criteria).

Reggio emilia continued

Second, young children want and need to express ideas and messages through many different expressive avenues and symbolicmedia. Young children form mental images, represent their ideas, and communicate with the world in a combination of ways. They need increasingcompetence and integration across formats including words, gestures, drawings, paintings, sculpture, construction, music, dramatic play,movement, and dance. Through sharing and gaining others' perspectives, and then revisiting and revising their work, children move to new levels ofawareness. Teachers act as guides, careful not to impose adult ideas and beliefs upon the children.

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