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To learn more about population concerns, from the new-era ZPG advocates to the United Nations reports, check out these links: (External Link) and (External Link)


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Questions & Answers

preconditions that give rise to deviance behavior
James Reply
what do you mean by "power to constraint"?
Chisom Reply
can someone please elaborate the main elements of ethnicity.
What is social thought? And the difference between social thought and sociological thought
onoja Reply
Please some one should explain this theories for me.. Functionalism,, conflict theory and symbolic interaction
onoja Reply
functionalism: interrelated parts designed to meet the biological and social needs of the individuals in that Society
conflict Theory: the way inequalities contribute to social differences and perpetuate difference in power
Symbolic: one to one interactions and communications
Can this theories be criticise?
How can I have access to rural sociology lecture notes?
KIEH Reply
what is Karl max.
karl Marx is a economist and he worked in sociology he proposed theory of communism
communism said that Every member of society acquired equal rights means equal basic needs of life ...he said capitalism gain all the profits and worker remain in same situation they can't effort even his three times meals in a day
What are the main tasks of Sociologist
Adamson Reply
Does a full Moon really trigger strange beh
Abubakar Reply
please does anyone doing Anthropology here. I need help on the notes
Pascal Reply
my course is a combination of sociology and anthropology. please I need some notes
Actually am doing sociology
mmm ok I have a friend of mine who is offering Anthropology perhaps I will talk to him about the notes
where from u
use your own reaearch and try to get your needs
Any body define Global implications nd technology
what are the differences and similarities between August Comte and Herbert Spencer theories? pls I need some response on that.
what are the advantages and disadvantages of multi​ culture
fazil Reply
good morning from here
good Morning
please is there any way someone can have a private message here
good morning pascal
gd morning ram
plz try to answer the question above. don't say hi, helo and so on
Mr/Ms pascal there is no other option to have private massage here. try onother option to get private massages from here
trying to answer the advantage and disadvantage of multiculruralism. 1. The advantage is multethnic countries are home to majority of migrants a signifacant population of it being a highly educated skilled of workforces aroun the world.
2. Disadvantage may couse risk of social conflict occurs due to differences in relegios, beliefs, and practoces though ethnic retuals or certain weys of life that may couse rift between two or more groups.
more result plz References (Opinionfront.com)
How would you classify crimes like child abuse, human trafficking and domestic violence?
Omego Reply
I would say that these are very serious crimes especially because they hinge on the rights of human beings, therefore they would be classified as felonies. Felonies;are the most serious of crimes that one can commit.  
what are the factors responsible for drug addiction using the theories of deviance
Cora Reply
parents are the first responsible for drugs addiction in our society today
what are the unique features of rural areas?
Gidion Reply
what is the positive influence of peer group on the adolescent
Nkolie Reply
i think the positive influence of peer group on the adolescent,overall is small but not big.
yeah it more of the micro aspect towards positive behavior among peers on the adolescent
Peer group makes a individual to know about the team work capabilities and also learns norms and values of society
explain problems of accommodation
Rank Reply

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