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The open-ended survey item asking for future leadership plans of the 110 graduate respondents revealed that 73% of those responding wanted to pursue district, campus, or higher education positions. The remaining graduates preferred to stay in the classroom or pursue other educational-related careers.

The findings from the qualitative data which came from graduates’ electronic portfolio reflections closely aligned with the ETL online program components. This study gave evidence of the graduates’ understanding of the need for online learning, the use of Web 2.0 tools, and technology professional development. However, the data were inconclusive regarding the ETL graduates’ potential for leading initiation of these systemic programs within the PK-12 settings. Graduates did indicate they lead other educators particularly in the areas of using Web 2.0 tools and technology professional development.

Recommendations and implications

The research results indicated ETL online program graduates exhibited leadership in personal use and campus implementation of online learning, Web 2.0 tools, and technology professional development. Moreover, graduates expressed interest in expanded career options in leadership roles as administrators, district technology coordinators, and technology professional development providers.

With respect to leadership with online learning, graduates frequently identified ways the online ETL master’s program contributed to their personal knowledge base through creation of individualized and small group projects specifically using Web 2.0 tools and video. These findings substantiated Mendenhall’s (2011) research noting the importance of documenting graduates’ understandings and comprehension of program content. It is recommended that higher education faculty consider implementing or expanding the use of electronic portfolios as a documentation and assessment process to gain better familiarity with candidate knowledge and leadership potential.

Picciano and Seaman (2009) indicated a steady increase in the use of online learning in PK-12 school settings and Christensen (2008) shared online instruction could be a catalyst for educational transformation. Graduate respondents of the ETL online master’s program clearly supported the use of online learning in PK-12 school and district settings. Furthermore, classroom teachers’ personal experience with online learning appeared to contribute to the implementation of online learning with PK-12 students and non-classroom staff (technology facilitators, librarians, and curriculum coordinators) expressed greater confidence with implementing district initiatives. Online professional development seemed to be less likely viewed as a focus of online learning in PK-12 settings. Higher education faculty should consider providing online professional development opportunities for graduates related to effective online teaching strategies and leadership to advance best practices for teaching in PK-12 online settings. These opportunities should include the use of web conferencing techniques to support PK-12 collaboration.

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