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This module contains review questions and answers keyed to the module titled Itse1359-1020-Numbers

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This module is one in a collection of modules on Python designed for teaching ITSE 1359 Introduction to Scripting Languages: Python at Austin Community College in Austin, TX.

This module contains review questions and answers keyed to the module titled Itse1359-1020-Numbers .

Once you study that module, you should be able to answer the review questions in this module.

The questions and the answers in this module are connected by hyperlinks to make it easy for you to navigate from the question to the answer and back again.

(Note to blind and visually impaired students: with the exception of two bitmap images that are used solely as spacers to separate the question sectionfrom the answer section, all of the material in this module is presented in plain text format and should be accessible using an audio screen reader or abraille display.)


Question 1

True or False? Python programming comments are ignored by the computer.

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Question 2

True or False? Just like in C, C++, and Java, a Python comment begins with two slash characters (//) and continues to the end of the line.

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Question 3

True or False? The only prompt used by the Python interactive system is the one consisting of three right-angle brackets (>>>).

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Question 4

True or False? The output produced by the Python interactive system appears on a line without either of the prompts mentioned above.

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Question 5

True or False? If you enter an expression at the prompt and press the Enter key, the result of evaluating the expression will be displayed on the next linewithout a prompt.

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Question 6

True or False? Computer programs are composed of expressions, which are made up of statements.

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Question 7

In the following expression, 2+5, what is the common jargon for the plus sign, and what is the common jargon for the 2 and the 5?

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Question 8

List the operators discussed in the module titled Itse1359-1020-Numbers , and describe the purpose of each.

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Question 9

True or False? Integer division produces a decimal result with non-zero digits to the right of the decimal point.

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Question 10

True or False? The modulus operator is used to produce the quotient in division.

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Question 11

Describe the use of parentheses in expressions.

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Question 12

Describe how Python evaluates an expression containing parentheses.

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What is the meaning of the following two images?

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Spacer image of a rabbit and a penguin.

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Answer 12

A Python expression is evaluated by first evaluating each of the sub-expressions in the parentheses, and then using those values to complete theevaluation. If the expression contains nested parentheses, the evaluation is performed by evaluating the innermost parentheses first and working outwardsfrom there.

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Answer 11

Parentheses can be used to group terms in an expression in order to provide control over the order in which the operations are performed.

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Answer 10

False, the modulus operator is used to produce the remainder.

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Answer 9

False. Integer division produces an integer or whole number result with no non-zero digits to the right of the decimal point even if a decimal point isdisplayed.

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Answer 8

The operators and their purposes are:

  • The addition operator, +
  • The subtraction operator, -
  • The multiplication operator, *
  • The division operators, / and //
  • The modulus operator, %

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Answer 7

The plus sign is commonly called the operator. The 2 and the 5 are commonly called operands. More specifically, the 2 is the left operand and the 5 is theright operand.

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Answer 6

False. Just the reverse is true. Programs are made up of statements, which are composed of expressions.

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Answer 5

True, unless the expression can't be evaluated, in which case an error message will appear.

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Answer 4


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Answer 3

False. The Python interactive system also uses a secondary prompt consisting of three periods (...).

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Answer 2

False. In Python, a comment starts with the hash character (#) and ends at the end of the line.

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Answer 1

True. Programming comments are used for program documentation and are intended for human consumption.

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