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This module contains review questions and answers keyed to the module titled Jb0260: Java OOP: Command-Line Arguments.

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This module contains review questions and answers keyed to the module titled Jb0260: Java OOP: Command-Line Arguments .

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Question 1 .

Provide a common example of a command-line statement that illustrates the use of command-line-arguments.

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Question 2

Describe the purpose of command-line-arguments.

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Question 3

True or false? In Java, syntax provisions must be made in the method signature for the main method to accommodate command-line-arguments even if the remainder of the program is not designed tomake use of them. If False, explain why.

Answer 3

Question 4

Provide the method signature for the main method in a Java application that is designed to accommodate the use of command-line-arguments.Identify the part of the method signature that applies to command-line-arguments and explain how it works.

Answer 4

Question 5

Explain how a Java application can determine the number of command-line-arguments actually entered by the user.

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Question 6

Write a program that illustrates the handling of command-line arguments in Java.

Answer 6


  • Listing 1 . Handling command-line arguments in Java.

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Answer 6

Listing 1 . Handling command-line arguments in Java.
/*File SampProg11.java from module 32 Copyright 1997, R.G.BaldwinWithout reviewing the following solution, write a Java application that illustrates the handling of command-linearguments in Java. Provide a termination message that displays your name.**********************************************************/ class SampProg11 { //define the controlling classpublic static void main(String[] args){ //define mainfor(int i=0; i<args.length; i++) System.out.println( args[i]); System.out.println("Terminating, Dick Baldwin");}//end main }//End SampProg11 class.

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Answer 5

The number of command-line arguments is equal to the number of elements in the array of references to String objects referred to by args . The number of elements is indicated by the value of the length property of the array. If the value is zero, the user didn't enter anycommand-line arguments.

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Answer 4

The Java syntax for command-line arguments is shown below.

Java syntax for command-line arguments. public static void main(String[] args){. . . }//end main method

Each of the elements in the array object referred to by args (including the element at position zero) contains a reference to a String object that encapsulates one of the command-line arguments.

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Answer 3


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Answer 2

Command-line-arguments are used in many programming and computing environments to provide information to the program at startup that it will needto fulfill its mission during that particular invocation.

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Answer 1

DOS users will be familiar with commands such as the following:

Command-line arguments in DOS copy fileA fileB

In this case, copy is the name of the program to be executed, while fileA and fileB are command-line arguments.

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