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Answer 10

Question 11

True or False? The execution of a Java application begins and ends in the method named main .

Answer 11

Question 12

True or False? The two commands shown in Listing 4 can be used to compile and execute a Java application named Prob01 where:

  • The only special class library required is contained in the folder named bookClasses .
  • The path from the root to the folder named bookClasses is represented by ---\bookClasses.
Listing 4 . Question 12.
javac -cp .;---\bookClasses Prob01.java java -cp .;---\bookClasses Prob01

Answer 12

Question 13

True or False? The Java compiler program is named java.exe .

Answer 13

Question 14

True or False? The Prob01.java and Prob01 at the ends of the two commands in Listing 4 specify the files being operated on by the virtual machine and the compilerrespectively.

Answer 14

Question 15

True or False? In Listing 4 , the -cp indicates that a classpath follows.

Answer 15

Question 16

True or False? A classpath consists of one or more path specifications separated by semicolon characters.

Answer 16

Question 17

True or False? The purpose of the classpath in Listing 4 is to tell the compiler and the virtual machine where to look for source codefiles that the application needs in order to successfully compile and execute.

Answer 17

Question 18

True or False? The period ahead of the semicolon in Listing 4 says to search the root folder first.

Answer 18

Question 19

True or False? The first statement in the body of the main method in Listing 1 instantiates a new object of the class named Prob01Runner .

Answer 19

Question 20

True or False? The first statement in Listing 1 saves a reference to a new object of the class named Prob01Runner in a reference variable named obj . In general, the type of the variable must be:

  • The name of the object, or
  • The name of a superclass of the object, or
  • The name of an interface implemented by the object.

Answer 20

Question 21

True or False? In Java, you must save a reference to a newly instantiated object in order to gain access to that object later in the program.

Answer 21

Question 22

True or False? The second statement in the body of the main method in Listing 1 uses the reference stored in the variable named obj to call the method named run encapsulated in the object referred to by the contents of obj .

Answer 22

Question 23

True or False? The following three methods that are called in Listing 1 are of a type that is commonly referred to as accessor methods . They are also sometimes referred to by the slang term getter methods .

  • getMars
  • getJoe
  • getSue

Answer 23

Question 24

True or False? The method named println that is called in Listing 1 is a member of Ericson's multimedia library. The purpose of the println method is to display text on an image.

Answer 24

Question 25

True or False? Java uses four access modifiers to specify the accessibility of various classes and members in a Java application:

  • public
  • private
  • protected
  • package-private

Answer 25

Question 26

True or False? Listing 5 shows the beginning of a class named Prob01Runner .

Listing 5 . Question 26.
class Prob01Runner{ //Instantiate the World and Turtle objects.private World mars = new World(300,274); private Turtle joe = new Turtle(mars);private Turtle sue = new Turtle(mars);

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