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This module contains review questions and answers keyed to the module titled Java3000: The Guzdial-Ericson Multimedia Class Library.

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This module contains review questions and answers keyed to the module titled Java3000: The Guzdial-Ericson Multimedia Class Library .

The questions and the answers are connected by hyperlinks to make it easy for you to navigate from the question to the answer and back again.


Question 1 .

True or false? The multimedia library used in this course originated at MIT.

Answer 1

Question 2

True or false? Among other things, the Guzdial-Ericson multimedia class library makes it practical to write object-oriented programs for themanipulation of images in an interesting and educational way.

Answer 2

Question 3

True or false? The textbook for the course is available at no cost.

Answer 3

Question 4

True or false? Once you have downloaded the zip file containing the library, you will need to extract the folder named MediaComp from the zip file and store it somewhere on your computer's disk.

Answer 4

Question 5

True or false? The bookClasses folder contains javadoc documentation for the library in a folder named doc . You can view the documentation by going to the doc folder and opening the file named index.html in your browser.

Answer 5

Question 6

True or false? You will need to put the path to the bookClasses folder on your path in order to incorporate classes from the library into your programs.

Answer 6

Question 7

True or false? Commands similar to those shown in Listing 1 can be used to put the bookClasses library on the classpath :

Listing 1 . Question 7.
javac -cp .;M:\bookClasses *.java java -cp .;M:\bookClasses Prob01

Answer 7

Question 8

True or false? Commands similar to those shown in Listing 2 can be used to:

  • delete the class files from the current folder,
  • compile the source-code files in the current folder, and
  • execute the compiled version of a program named Prob01 in the current folder
Listing 2 . Question 8.
del *.class javac -cp .;M:\bookClasses *.javajava -cp .;M:\bookClasses Prob01

Answer 8

Question 9

True or false? You can put commands in a batch file and run the batch file to avoid having to type the commands each time you need to perform a specificoperation from the command line. In that case, you should add a pause command as the last command in the sequence.

Answer 9

Question 10

True or false? The program shown in Listing 3 causes the words Text Hello World to be displayed on the standard output device when the program is compiled and executed.

Listing 3 . Question 10.
class TextHelloWorld{ public static void main(String[]args){ System.out.println("Text Hello World");}//end main }//end class

Answer 10

Question 11

True or false? The code shown in Listing 4 can be compiled and run to produce the graphic output shown in Figure 1 .

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