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[The standard edition of the later Roman grammarians. Abbreviated as GLK in citations.]

Historical fragments

Peter, H. Historicorum romanorum reliquiae . 2d ed. Leipzig. 1914. Reprinted 1993. 2 vols.

[Long the standard edition of the fragmentary Roman historians, abbreviated HRR . The 1993 reprint has a useful list of editions and scholarship on the fragments since the first edition (pp. 209-233 of vol. 2).]

NB : a new, authoritative edition of the historical fragments is being prepared under the supervisory editorship of E. Bispham, T. J. Cornell, J. W. Rich, and C. J. Smith to be called The Fragmentary Roman Historians. The first volume, to be published by Oxford University Press, is awaited. Until then, although HRR remains useful and is still widely cited, the following newer editions should be consulted.

Beck, H., and Uwe Walter, Die Frühen Römischen Historiker. Band 1 von Fabius Pictor bis Cn. Gellius . Darmstadt:  Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 2001. Band 2 Von Coelius Antipater bis Pomponius Atticus. (2004).

[Edition with German translation and commentary]

Chassignet, M. L'Annalistique Romaine. Tome 1. Les Annales des Pontifes et l'Annalistique Ancienne. Fragments . Collection Budé. Paris. 1996.

——, L'Annalistique romaine, tome 2: l'annalistique moyenne (Fragments) , Paris: Budé, 1999.

——. L'Annalistique Romaine. Tome 3: L'Annalistique Récente. L'Autobiographie Politique (Fragments). Collection Budé .   Paris: Budé , 2004.  

——. Caton: Les Origines (Fragments) , Paris: Budé, 1986.

[Editions with facing French translation and brief but useful scholarly and bibliographical notes.]

Santini, C. I Frammenti di L. Cassio Emina: Introduzione, Testo, Traduzione e Commento (Testi e Studi di Cultura Classica, 13), Pisa: Edizioni ETS, 1995.

[Edition with Italian translation and notes.]

Walt S., Der Historiker C. Licinius Macer: Einleitung, Fragmente, Kommentar , Stuttgart and Leipzig: B. G. Teubner, 1997.

[Edition with German translation and commentary.]

[In addition to these, E. Courtney, Archaic Latin Prose. Atlanta:  Scholars Press, 1999 provides useful commentary on several of the early fragmentary historians.]


Malcovati, E. Oratorum Romanorum Fragmenta liberae rei publicae . 4th ed. Turin. 1976.

[The standard edition of fragments and testimonia of Republican oratory, abbreviated ORF. Many prefer the third edition of 1953.]

Balbo, A. I frammenti degli oratori romani dell’età augustea e tiberiana. 2 parts. The 2nd part is in 2 vols. Alessandria:  Edizioni dell'Orso, 2004 and 2007.

[Latin text with facing Italian translation and commentary; a continuation of ORF .]

Courtney, E. Archaic Latin Prose, Atlanta:  Scholars Press, 1999.  

[Useful commentary on several of the early fragmentary oratorical texts.]

Poetic fragments

Standard collections (in addition to warmington)

Morel, W. Fragmenta poetarum latinorum epicorum et lyricorum praeter Ennium et Lucilium . Leipzig, 1927. Reprt. Stuttgart, 1963. Revised by C. Büchner (2d ed.). Leipzig 1982. Revised by Jürgen Blänsdorf (3d ed.). Stuttgart, 1995 and (4th ed.) Berlin, 2011.

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