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English home language

Grade 4


Module 27

Parts of speech

Activity 1

To work with parts of speech and proverbs [lo 6.2.5, 6.6]

  • Read the following passage carefully.

The Three Bears – the latest edition!

Panorama – James Jenson and Craig Cooper knew the fairy story of the three bears but they felt it was a bit far-fetched.

James and Craig, two very hard-working loggers were working in the forest on Panorama Island. They chopped down an enormous cedar tree.

A large bear appeared ferociously out of the hollow trunk when the tree crashed to the ground.

“She must have gone inside the trunk to hibernate,” said Jenson.

Jenson heard noises, and when he investigated he saw three darling little bear cubs inside.

The men left the bear cubs in peace, hoping that their mother would return for them. Eventually, Craig took them home and fed them milk, water and egg yolk, with honey for dessert.

The cubs were taken to the Tygerberg Zoo . They will become a feature attraction at the children’s zoo.

(A news item, retold by the author)

  1. From the first paragraph choose:
  1. two common nouns:
  2. two adjectives:
  3. From the second paragraph choose:
  1. two proper nouns:
  2. two verbs:
  3. Name the parts of speech of the following words:
  1. appeared
  2. ferociously
  3. hollow
  4. trunk
  5. gone
  6. investigated
  7. crashed
  8. Tygerberg Zoo

Underline the best answer:

  1. “far-fetched” (paragraph 1) means:
  • very far away.
  • too unusual to be true.
  • they could not reach it.
  • “hard-working” (in paragraph 2) means:
  • they find the work they do, rather difficult.
  • they are rough, hard men.
  • they are devoted to their task.
  • Write each sentence in the PAST TENSE.
  • Jenson takes the cubs home!
  • The loggers work in the forest and chop trees down.
  • They see Panorama Island in the distance.
  1. Complete the following PROVERBS. Use the jumbled up words in the block to help you.
  1. A friend in need
  2. Every cloud
  3. New brooms
  4. A stitch in time

clean sweep indeed a is

silver saves lining has a friend nine

Clearly explain the following proverb:

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


If you are writing down the exact words that someone is saying, it is called DIRECT SPEECH. Words that are spoken are put inside inverted commas.

Here are some examples:

  • “I love you so much, Heracles,” said Alcmene.
  • “I enjoyed my birthday party,” said the Wobblefluff.
  • Simon exclaimed, “Gosh, I’m hungry!”

Direct speech always begins with a capital letter. A comma is used to separate the name of the speaker from the words he is saying.

Activity 2

To use the correct punctuation for direct speech [lo 6.2.8]

Use inverted commas, commas and capital letters correctly in the following sentences:

  • we are diligent workers exclaimed the Skinnibones.
  • wobblefluff, why do you talk about food so much? asked the Skinnibones.
  • look, there’s the little goblin! exclaimed Simon.
  • Simon said I am here to help you.
  • would you like the hair from Websters tail? asked Simon.
  • the spangled pandemonium is missing, warned the zookeeper.
  • don’t wander after dark the keeper told the school children.
  • woof, woof yapped Webster when he spotted his dinner.
  • you are a couch potato, Craig. turn the television off now exclaimed his mother.
  • Craig replied I enjoy watching television Mother.


LEARNING OUTCOME 6: LANGUAGE STRUCTURE AND USE The learner will know and be able to use the sounds, words and grammar of the language and interpret texts.

Assessment Standard

We know this when the learner:

6.2 works with sentences:

6.2.5 identifies and uses nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions;

6.2.8 uses punctuation correctly (e.g. quotation marks for direct speech, apostrophe for possession).

6.6 uses meta-language (terms such as direct speech, indirect speech, idioms, proverb, formal, informal, simile, quotation marks).


Activity 1

1. (a) story, hears

(b) fairy, three, far-fetched (any two)

2. (a) James, Craig, Panorama Island (any two)

(b) were working, chopped

3. (a) verb

(b) adverb

(c) adjective

(d) (common) noun

(e) part of verb: have gone

(f) verb

(g) verb

(h) (proper) noun

4. too unusual to be true

5. they are devoted to their task

6. (a) Jenson took the cubs home!

(b) The loggers worked in the forest and chopped down trees.

(c) They saw Panorama Island in the distance.

7. (a) … is a friend indeed.

(b) … has a silver lining.

(c) … sweep clean.

(d) … saves nine.

If one really wants to do something, one will find a way of doing it, even if it is difficult.

Activity 2

1. “We are diligent workers!” exclaimed the Skinnibones.

2. “Wobblefluff, why do you talk about food so much?” asked the Skinnibones.

3. “Look, there’s the little goblin!” exclaimed Simon.

4. Simon said, “I am here to help you.”

5. “Would you like the hair from Webster’s tail?” asked Simon.

6. “The Spangled Pandemonium is missing,” warned the zookeeper.

7. “Don’t wander after dark,” the keeper told the school children.

8. “Woof, woof!” yapped Webster when he spotted his dinner.

9. “You are a couch potato, Craig. Turn the television off now!” exclaimed his mother.

10. Craig replied, ”I enjoy watching television, Mother.”

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