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Assignment 2: cooperative learning groups

Assignment 2: Cooperative Learning Groups


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GOAL: To put into practice a Cooperative Learning activity with your students, and to record what you noticed.

GIVE: Feedback to others on their assignments at the TWB Learning Cafe.

Assignment 2: Cooperative Learning Groups

  • Follow steps 1-9 in "How It Works." You may wish to choose a current event or any other relevant topic fordiscussion in this Cooperative Learning activity. Each group can work on the same issue or different topics.
  • Write 4-5 paragraphs about what you noticed, what you learned in doing this with your students, and what things you would add or delete tomake the process more effective for your class the next time.


To further your understanding of Cooperative Learning, read the article below and share with your colleagues at the TWB Learning Cafe .

Required Reading :

What is the Collaborative Classroom?

PDF version below:

What is the Collaborative Classroom?


What interesting things did you learn from the article or from actually doing the Cooperative Learning activity with yourstudents? Read what others have said. Add your thoughts. Join your global colleagues in conversation at the TWB Learning Cafe .

Outcome-based learning


In Outcome-Based Learning, all school programs and instructional efforts are designed to have produced specific, lastingresults in students by the time they leave school.

Basic Elements

The principles followed by Outcome-Based Learningpractitioners include:

  • Clarity of focus around significant outcomes, which are defined by each school.
  • Expansion of available time and resources so that all students can succeed.
  • Consistent, high expectations of 100% success.
  • Explicit relationships between the learning experience and the outcomes.

Under Outcome-Based Learning, curriculum design includes these steps:

  • Discern future conditions
  • Derive exit outcomes
  • Develop performance indicators
  • Design learning experiences
  • Determine instructional strategies
  • Deliver instruction
  • Document results
  • Determine advancement

Character education

This curriculum method revolves around developing "good character" in students by practicing and teaching moral values anddecision making.

Basic Elements

Character Education assumes that schools don't just have the responsibility to help students get "smart"; they also have theresponsibility to cultivate basic moral values to guide their students in their behavior throughout life.

Character Education teaches students to understand, commit to, and act on shared ethical values - in other words, "know the good,desire the good, and do the good." Typical core values include: respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and communityparticipation.

Schools committed to Character Education tend to:

  • Emphasize how adults model values in the classroom as well as in their everyday interactions.
  • Help students clarify their values and build personal bonds and responsibilities to one another.
  • Use the traditional curriculum as a vehicle for teaching values and examining moral questions.
  • Encourage moral reflection through debate, journals, and discussion.
  • Encourage values in action through service and other community involvement strategies.
  • Support teacher development and dialogue among educators on moral dimensions of their job.

The influence of Character Education is evident in the outcomes of many school districts emphasizing qualities such as"contributor to the community," and "ethical global citizen."

Assignment 3: reflecting upon instructional theories

Assignment 3: Reflecting Upon Instructional Theories


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GOAL: To deepen your understanding of instructional theories and to consider what works best for your classroom practice.

GIVE: Feedback to others on their assignments at the TWB Learning Cafe .

Assignment 3: Reflecting Upon Instructional Theories

You have been introduced to the following:

  • Thematic Learning
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Outcome-Based Learning
  • Character Education
  • Discuss the above instructional theories in 3 - 4 paragraphs explaining which ones you are most attracted to and why. Which oneswould work best in your class, and with your overall educational plan? Explain.
  • What are 3 specific ways you can apply the theories to your teaching?


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