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This study was limited by (for) the following factors (reasons):

  • population sample
  • “respondents” who had initially agreed to be interviewed, subsequently withdrew
  • time constraints
  • lack of adequate / sufficient secondary data

Research design and methodology

Burns (1997; 19) describes research as a systematic investigation whereby data are collected, analysed and interpreted in an effort to understand or predict a phenomenon and the research is influenced by the researchers theoretical framework – this theoretical framework is referred to as the paradigm and influences the way in which knowledge is studied and interpreted.

Methodology refers to the rationale and philosophical assumptions that underline a particular study relative to the scientific method used with a view to explaining the researchers’ ontological and epistemological views [Patton (2002; 69)].

I have opted to use a constructivist approach in this study since as Mertens (2005; 12) suggests “reality is socially constructed” and according to Cresswell (2003; 8) constructivist research tends to rely upon participants views of the situation being studied – hence use will be made of qualitative data collection methods and analysis.

The Pinetown Education District was chosen for the following reasons:

  • an abundance of multicultural schools representing all ex-departments of education
  • proximity to the district office – the furthest school interviewed was in a forty kilometre radius of the Pinetown District Office
  • a range of schools ranked in all five funding quintiles implying differing levels of funding
  • schools with differing levels of infrastructure
  • a range of schools from schools producing excellent academic results to schools which have been classified as academically dysfunctional
  • differing levels of school governing body participation (ranging from total apathy to full participation)

The data collection methods included focus group interviews in nine public ordinary schools (both primary and secondary) wherein the following members of the school governing body were interviewed – the principal, a parent and an educator. Interview protocols and field notes were recorded, to include the situation, observations and non-verbal responses, which would assist in the subsequent case analysis. The interviews were completed using a semi-structured interview approach and interviews were tape recorded to assist in and validate the transcription of the interview.

Organisation of the study

The study has been divided into five chapters.

Chapter one introduces the study by focussing on the role function of the school principal and the school governing body in the states attempt to move schools from self-management towards self-reliance, which is also encapsulated in the rationale. The statement of the problem highlights the capacity of the principal and the school governing body to fulfil his/her/their role function. The research’s general and specific aims as well as the significance of the study are listed. The chapter concludes with the design and methodology.

Chapter two provides the theoretical framework for the investigation into the accountability and responsibility for the management of public schools’ finances. It begins with an overview of the Pinetown Education District (from a financial perspective), and then looks at the accounting cycle from policy, funding and budgeting through to recording and reporting.

Chapter three focuses on the research design and methodology wherein the qualitative data collection method is explained and defended – the data required for the investigation will be collected via nine focus group interviews conducted in the Pinetown Education District. A thematic approach will be adopted to analyse and interpret the collected data.

Chapter four focuses on the results of the investigation that is the research findings.

Chapter five focuses on the development of guidelines and strategies and makes recommendations for the efficient, effective and economic management of schools’ finances.

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