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Björk operates on a different wavelength. She is eccentric, slightly out of sync. Who else would wear a dress made out of a paper lantern or in the shape of a swan? Yet she is so shy she rarely gives interviews.

She once described herself as “skinless” as if too much exposure would harm her. She lives more comfortable with the sounds she hears in her head, which range from the crack of ice to the flight of butterflies.

Björk’s main difficulty is talking: “It took me a long time to get around words,” she says. I wasn’t a big fan of words. I sang noises until I was 20. To put words in my songs was an effort to communicate with the humans.” The humans? Björk speaks as if she is another creature. Film director Lars van Trier called her a madwoman. Others hail her as a musical genius.

Björk, 35, is a tiny elflike figure. She grew up in a purple-painted communal house in Reykjavik, Iceland, raised by hippie parents. In rebellion, by the age of 15, she founded a punk band called Spit and Snot. Then came The Sugarcubes. Now she is a global icon. She wrote much of her first solo album, Debut, in the evening when her son, Sindri, was asleep. Her last solo album, Homogenic, was louder than life. “It was the most extrovert, amplified, can-you-hear-me music.” The new album, Vespertine, is the opposite. “I have gone inwards,” she says. It was composed during the darkness and sleet of an Icelandic winter, and she believes her country’s weather had a dramatic impact on her vision. “You have to fight the weather all the time,” she says. “People who go there think Icelanders are really stressed out. We’ve got this awkward thing, which is 24-hour darkness in the winter, and a 24-hour daylight in summer. It means that in winter you’re just inside and get everything done on your own, and then in summer you go absolutely mad, like bears after hibernating.

Magazine, Sunday Times , 30 September 2001

  1. Vertaling in groepe
  2. Vertaling individueel Jou leerkrag sal aan jou verduidelik hoeveel en watter paragrawe jy individueel moet vertaal.

Aktiwiteit 6:

Om vir speelse en skeppende doeleindes te skryf

[lu 4.1.1]


Philip de Vos is ‘n limeriekskrywer van formaat. Nou wat vir ‘n ding is ‘n limeriek? Dis ‘n soort rympie met ‘n herkenbare ritme en rympatroon.

Twee katte van die straat

Sokkies en sy maat

Het die grote stry gekry

Naels uit word woes baklei

Krap en skreeu hul in


Vry verwerk uit Die Burger 1/11/2001

‘n Tipiese limeriek bestaan uit vyf reëls :

  • In reël een word ‘n stelling gemaak of ‘n situasie geskets.
  • In reëls twee tot vier word ‘n probleem genoem of word gesê wat gebeur.
  • In Reël vyf word die oplossing of gevolg gegee.

Die rympatroon lyk as volg:

(1) a staat

(2) a maat

(3) b gekry

(4) b baklei

(5) a straat

Skryf nou jou eie limeriek hieronder deur bostaande riglyne te volg.

Aktiwiteit 7:

Om idiomatiese uitdrukkings te gebruik

[lu 6.4.6]

In die limeriek by nr. 6 sien ons dat die twee katte in groot moeilikheid was; hul was in tamatiestraat. Idiomatiese taalgebruik of idiome is soos speserye in kos, dit maak ons taal geurig.

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