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The report of Mr. Geo H. Galt upon sales of Etchings made at the last exhibition was read.

The following names were presented as Non Resident Members. – viz:

Joseph Pennel of Philadelphia, by Messers Platt, J. D. Smillie&Falconer

Mr. Otto Bacher of Munich by Messers Chase, Dielman&Falconer

Mr. Frank Duveneck, by Messers Chase, Church,&Falconer.

J. C. Nicoll


Approved April 14/82

Thomas Waterman Wood, Fresh Eggs , 1882. (Williams Print Collection.)

April 14th 1882

The Annual meeting was held at this date in the Secretary’s studio.

Called to order at 8.30 P.M. by the president with the following members present – viz: Messers Baldwin, Chase, Church, Colman, Falconer, Farrer, Gifford McCutcheon, Thos. Moran, Nicoll, Platt, Sabin, Geo. H. Smillie, J. D. Smillie, van Elten, Wood. – 16.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

The Treasures Report was read and approved.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year. – viz:

Henry Farrer—President

J. C. Nicoll—Secretary&Treasurer.

F. S. Church, Thomas Moran, Frederick Dielman—Executive Committee

The Following gentlemen were elected Non-Resident members. Viz:

Joseph Pennel of Philadelphia

Otto Bacher Munich

Frank Duvencek L.

Charles S. Platt. (Private collection.)

Messers Robt. C. Minor&Geo W. Maynard were proposed for Resident Membership by A. H. Baldwin.

The amendment to the constitution to be known as Art II. Sec. 6. was adopted unanimously.

The amendment proposing to change the name was lost.

Upon motion it was resolved to select by ballot the names of ten members who should be requested to prepare plates for the illustrated catalogue of the next Exhibition - the Executive Committee to fill any vacancies that afterwards occurred. The New York Etching Club’s 1883 catalogue was illustrated with nine etchings by William Merritt Chase, Frederick Stuart Church, R. Swain Gifford, Thomas Moran, James Craig Nicoll, Joseph Pennell, Charles Adams Platt, Walter Shirlaw, and Thomas Waterman Wood. Thomas Waterman Wood, Walter Shirlaw, and James Craig Nicoll etchings were substituted for Otto Bacher, Albert F. Bellows, Samuel Colman, James D Smillie, and Charles A. Vanderhoff.

The names were then chosen.

R. Swain Gifford 14 votes Saml Colman 12

J. D. Smillie 14 F. S. Church 9

C. A. Platt 13 A. F. Bellows 8

Thos. Moran 13 Joseph Pennel 10

Wm Chase 11 Otto Bacher 7

C. A. Vanderhoff 7.

No other business being presented the meeting adjourned.

J. C. Nicoll


October 16th 1882

A special meeting was held at this date in Mr. Farrer’s studio.

The meeting was called to order by the President at 8 30 P.M. with ten members present viz: - Messers Baldwin, Chase, Church, Dielman, Farrer, Th. Moran, Nicoll, Geo. H. Smillie, van Elten and Yale.

A letter was read from R. W. Gilder announcing the intended visit of Dr. Seymour Hayden of London, and asking if the Club could do anything towards facilitating his proposed scheme of delivering a course of three lectures in this city upon Etching.

After considerable discussion the members present being in favor of the Club’s doing something in the matter, upon motion duly seconded and carried, the President appointed Messers Yale, and Geo H. Smillie a committee to confer with the Union League Club to see if their theatre could be obtained for delivery of the lectures, and to obtain such other information as might seem desirable. – The meeting adjourned without further action.

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