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Natural sciences

Grade 8


Module 37


Activity 1:

To be able to explain the value of eco-tourism and to develop a product that can be used to inspire others

[lo 1.1; lo 1.2; lo 1.3; lo 3.2]

Ecotourism refers to an industry that encourages tourists to experience and appreciate the country’s natural beauty and ecologically pristine areas.

South Africa is the only country on earth in which all the members of a specific plant kingdom are found naturally within its borders. This plant kingdom is the FYNBOS of the Western Cape.

It is an area that stretches around the mountains of the Boland, and includes various unique plant species such as the protea (our national flower) and heather. It has the greatest concentration of endemic plant species. Endemic means that it does not occur naturally anywhere else.

St Lucia and other marshlands are the birthplace of many species. These areas have a very delicate balance which can easily be disturbed by 4x4 enthusiasts and pleasure boat adventurers.

One reads news articles about these and other sensitive areas all the time. Unfortunately there are constantly reports about insensitive people who do not know how to utilize, appreciate and conserve these precious areas.

Our game parks such as the Kruger National Park, the Kgalagadi, Hluhluwe and Pilanesberg are widely known amongst overseas tourists.

NATURE CONSERVATION is of the utmost importance in all these areas. Strict rules apply and are generally adhered to by considerate tourists.

  • Design a colourful brochure that you could give to a tourist from overseas in order to introduce them to the natural beauty of South Africa, and its ecological treasures.
  • You may choose one or more topics.
  • You will have to research the natural beauty, sensitivity and uniqueness (plants and animals) of a specific environment and incorporate the findings in the brochure.
  • Hand the brochure in on the date that has been determined by your teacher.

Alternatively: Compile a video clip or photo album of such a natural area and show it to the class.

Assessment of the BROCHURE: Were you able to PLAN and CONDENSE FACTS in a visual presentation? [LO 1.1; LO 1.2; LO 1.3]

  • Now write 270 words on the value of ecotourism. Refer to your research.

[ LO 3.2]


LO 1: Scientific investigations:

The learner will be able to act confidently on curiosity about natural phenomena, and to investigate relationships and solve problems in scientific, technological and environmental contexts.

This is evident when the learner:

  • plans investigations;
  • conducts investigations and collects data;
  • evaluates data and communicates findings.

LO 3: Science, Society and the Environment

The learner will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships between science and technology, society and the environment.

This is evident when the learner:

3.2 understands sustainable use of the earth’s resources.


Activity 1: Brochure or video

  • Learners are required to design a colourful brochure that could be given to a tourist from abroad to introduce the natural beauty of South Africa as well as the country's ecological treasures. The learner may choose one or two subjects.
  • Assess this in conjunction with the paragraph on the value of ecotourism. Note the following:
  • Problem statement (planning)
  • Sources used for information
  • Quality of information (did the learner make a selection or simply accept what was found first?)
  • Layout / presentation / reasoning (communicating).

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