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Natural sciences

Grade 4

Energy and change

Module 35

Dangerous ways of using electricity


To identify dangerous ways of using electricity

[lo 1.3, 2.2, 3.2]

When could electricity be dangerous?

What is wrong?

Mario wants to take a bath, but the floor tiles in the bathroom are icy cold. He decides to plug the heater’s power plug into the power point in the passage and then he takes the heater into the bathroom.

Please warn Mario:

Ilze has one power point in her bedroom. She wants to use her heater because it is bitterly cold, but she also wants to use her hairdryer to dry her hair while watching her favourite TV programme.

Please warn Ilze:

Working as a group, take apart a power plug – under the supervision of your educator – to see how the parts fit together. Find out where things go wrong when it does not function.

Select words from the list that is provided to complete the sentences that follow:

( electricity wet fingers power plugs)

  1. Never play with .
  2. See to it that toddlers do not push their into a wall-plug.
  3. Remember that can be very dangerous if they are not used correctly.
  4. Never handle a power plug while your hands are .

Follow the rules for handling electricity safely .

Choose a partner and decide which of the rules you would like to demonstrate practically. Show why you have to be extremely careful when you use electricity by means of role-playing. Do not use electricity for your role-playing – you must act what you want to show

1. Switch off the power before changing a light bulb.

2. Do not use damaged electrical cord.

3. Do not pull on the chord when you want to pull out a plug.

4. Disconnect the plug when an electrical appliance is not in use.

  1. Do not try to repair faulty electrical appliances yourself – call in an electrician.
  2. Do not run an electrical cord underneath a carpet – it could result in a fire.
  3. Do not plug too many power plugs into one contact socket.
  4. Your hands must be dry when you work with any kind of electrical appliance or with electric power.
  5. Never take electrical equipment into the bathroom with you – you may sustain a shock!
  6. Do not touch electrical appliances while you are washing the dishes.
  7. Do not allow small children to play with electrical goods.
  8. Do not leave the cord of an electrical appliance dangling in places where small children might pull down appliances by grabbing the cord.
  9. Stay clear of electricity cables that lie on the ground.
  10. Do not climb up electricity poles.
  11. Do not fly a kite in the vicinity of electricity lines.
  12. Stay clear of electrical substations – it is not a place for games.
  13. Switch off the power supply before removing a plug from the socket.
  14. Do not poke any object into an electric toaster to remove bread.
  15. Switch off the power supply without delay if you notice sparks coming from an electrical appliance and inform your parents of it.
  16. Do not shelter under trees or walk beneath them when there is lightning.

Discuss this with a partner and report your ideas to the class. Here is a design for a bumper sticker. Design some more bumper stickers (one, at least) to illustrate anyone of the above rules. Try to arrange it in such a way that each learner chooses a different rule for his or her design, so that you will have a variety of designs.


LEARNING OUTCOME 1: SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATIONSThe learner will be able to act confidently on curiosity about natural phenomena, and to investigate relationships and solve problems in scientific, technological and environmental contexts.

Assessment Standard

We know this when the learner

1.3 evaluates data and provides feedback on observations.

LEARNING OUTCOME 2: CONSTRUCTING SCIENCE KNOWLEDGE The learner will know and be able to interpret and apply scientific, technological and environmental knowledge.

Assessment Standard

We know this when the learner

2.2 categorises information.

LEARNING OUTCOME 3 : SCIENCE, SOCIETY AND THE ENVIRONMENT The learner will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships between science and technology, society and the environment.

Assessment Standard

We know this when the learner

3.2 understands the impact of Science and Technology.


When is electricity dangerous?

  • Mario wants to take a bath, but the floor tiles in the bathroom are very cold and he decides to warm the bathroom a bit. He plugs the heater into a socket in the passage and takes the heater into the bathroom.

Please warn Mario: Electricity and water do not go together! If you are working with water and it comes into contact with electricity, you can electrocute yourself.

  • Ilze has only one power socket in her room. She wants to keep her heater on because it is bitterly cold, but she also wants to dry her hair with the hair drier while watching her favourite television programme.

Please warn Ilze: Too much power from one power socket can cause it to overload and this can lead to a short circuit. You could electrocute yourself by doing this.

Complete the following questions by using the following words:

(electricity wet fingers electrical plugs)

1. Never play with electrical plugs/power sockets .

2. See to it that infants do not put their fingers into a power socket in the wall.

3. Remember that electricity can be very dangerous if it is not used properly.

4. Never touch an electrical plug when your hands are wet .

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