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Keynote presentation presented by Cindy Farach-Carson at the 2010 NSF ADVANCE Workshop: Negotiating the Ideal Faculty Position, A Workshop for Underrepresented PhDs and Postdocs in Science, Engineering and Psychology September 19-21, 2010

Missing here from this presentation are all the dedication to the people who made a huge difference in my life! They may not be comfortable with me posting them all on the web. You know who you are!

My graduate review committee

 several cartoon scientist drawings.

“Best of luck with your baby, we will understand if you choose not to return to the laboratory.”

My first research faculty position

a sign warning of the presence of sharks

Sometimes you need a “Geographical Cure”

If it feels wrong, get out!!

My life as a juggler: tenure track (1991-95)

clipart of someone juggling
A cartoon of someone saying 'Behind one door is tenure, behind the other is flipping burgers ad McDonalds.

A test of determination: tenure

It’s amazing what another job offer can do. Sometimes, your value is best determined by testing it on the market.

A poster of a woman with the caption 'We can do it'
 An arrow with no no yes written above it.

Professor at last (2000)!

A chart of women as percentage of health, science, engineering doctoral degrees.

Recognizing the importance of ADVANCE, WISE, and AWIS.

My sabbatical: my transition to administration and translational research (2005-06)

a diamond composed of four logos
a picture of a medical center

Nicholas Petrelli

Nicholas Petrelli, M.D. Medical Director, Helen F. Graham Cancer Center

cancer registry team

with the Cancer Registry team

Translational research: because it matters!

 people dancing in a circle

My return to texas and rice university (2009)

a map of the Texas Medical Center

The Ultimate Place for Translational and Collaborative Research!

Lovett Hall at Rice University
logo of Rice University

logo of the Biosciences Research Collaborative at Rice University

a picture of the Biosciences Research Collaborative

Lessons learned

a person walking on stepping stones
  1. You can’t do it alone.
  2. Make good friends and colleagues and don’t neglect them.
  3. Don’t let other people define your job, your family or your recipe for happiness.
  4. Don’t give up easily- but lose well when you do.
  5. Ask for what you need to do your job well.
  6. Don’t be afraid to say no.
  7. Work hard, be nice! [This is a book now too]
  8. Be generous with your time, your money and your heart.
  9. Be fair and ask to be treated fairly.
  10. Play!

Questions & Answers

anyone know any internet site where one can find nanotechnology papers?
Damian Reply
Introduction about quantum dots in nanotechnology
Praveena Reply
what does nano mean?
Anassong Reply
nano basically means 10^(-9). nanometer is a unit to measure length.
do you think it's worthwhile in the long term to study the effects and possibilities of nanotechnology on viral treatment?
Damian Reply
absolutely yes
how to know photocatalytic properties of tio2 nanoparticles...what to do now
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Do somebody tell me a best nano engineering book for beginners?
s. Reply
there is no specific books for beginners but there is book called principle of nanotechnology
what is fullerene does it is used to make bukky balls
Devang Reply
are you nano engineer ?
fullerene is a bucky ball aka Carbon 60 molecule. It was name by the architect Fuller. He design the geodesic dome. it resembles a soccer ball.
what is the actual application of fullerenes nowadays?
That is a great question Damian. best way to answer that question is to Google it. there are hundreds of applications for buck minister fullerenes, from medical to aerospace. you can also find plenty of research papers that will give you great detail on the potential applications of fullerenes.
what is the Synthesis, properties,and applications of carbon nano chemistry
Abhijith Reply
Mostly, they use nano carbon for electronics and for materials to be strengthened.
is Bucky paper clear?
carbon nanotubes has various application in fuel cells membrane, current research on cancer drug,and in electronics MEMS and NEMS etc
so some one know about replacing silicon atom with phosphorous in semiconductors device?
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Yeah, it is a pain to say the least. You basically have to heat the substarte up to around 1000 degrees celcius then pass phosphene gas over top of it, which is explosive and toxic by the way, under very low pressure.
Do you know which machine is used to that process?
how to fabricate graphene ink ?
for screen printed electrodes ?
What is lattice structure?
s. Reply
of graphene you mean?
or in general
in general
Graphene has a hexagonal structure
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what is biological synthesis of nanoparticles
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what's the easiest and fastest way to the synthesize AgNP?
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types of nano material
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I start with an easy one. carbon nanotubes woven into a long filament like a string
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