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English home language

Grade 9

Money matters

Module 5

Posters and proverbs

Activity 1:

Role play

[lo 2.1, 5.4]

Work in pairs and act out the following problem situations. Try to find a workable solution for each. Don’t simply create a conversation that goes in circles.

The salesman persuading Mr and Mrs Jonas to buy the lounge suite

An excited Mr/Mrs Jonas phoning a friend who does not trust advertisements to tell him/her about the new lounge suite and cellphone.

Mr and Mrs Jonas discussing their financial problems.

Mr Jonas phoning his lawyer friend for legal advice.

A waiter and a restaurant guest arguing over one of the following issues:

the bill / an unsatisfactory dish / the music / a smoker in the non-smoking section / the waiter’s arrogant attitude / a screaming baby distracting the guest / the dead flowers on the table.

Create your own scenario of a problematic situati. Try to resolve the conflict.

Activity 2:

Problems and solutions

[lo 2.4, 5.5]

1. Below is a list of problems any family may have to face.

  • Not enough money for groceries each month.
  • A broken television set.
  • Not being able to keep up with the Joneses.
  • An expensive telephone account.
  • A teenager who wants an expensive new bicycle that his parents cannot afford.
  • In your group, discuss ways in which this family can solve one of these problems.

2. Make a list of ways in which different members of a family can possibly earn extra money. Consider how recycling, craft fairs and garage sales can be used.

Activity 3:


[lo 4.1]

Not all problems are insurmountable. Think of a problem situation you have experienced that had a solution which satisfied all parties involved. Write a letter to a friend in which you tell him/her about the problem and how it was solved.

1. Address, date and salutation correct
2. Paragraphing appropriate
3. Punctuation checked
4. Problem explained
5. Solution described

Activity 4:


[lo 5.2, 1.4]

Most of us can be tempted to give way to our basic desires. Traditionally there are 7 deadly sins that tempt us all, and many of them are exploited by advertisers and retailers like FAMILY FURNISHERS who play on our weaknesses and appeal to our hidden desires.

The stereotypical bargain hunter is attracted by:

Free gifts


Two-for-the-price-of-one offers

Competitions and the chance of winning

  • On television, INFOMERCIALS especially appeal to bargain hunters.
  • “and if you phone now . . "

Work in pairs and develop a revolutionary new product.

Clearly identify the target market of your product.

Now prepare an infomercial-style presentation in which you advertise your product in two different ways.

Advertisement 1: Present an informative infomercial that gives the audience/viewers a good amount of factual information about the product and its effects. Advertisement 2 Present an advertisement that will particularly appeal to the bargain hunters in the audience. Make sure that the special offers are more dominant than actual information about the product.

Presentation Rubric: Infomercial

4 3 2 1
Organisation and Preparation Pupil presents infomercial in logical, interesting sequence which audience can follow. Pupil presents infomercial in logical sequence which audience can follow. Audience has difficulty following presentation because pupil jumps around. Audience cannot understand presentation because there is no sequence of information.
“Product" knowledge Pupil demonstrates full knowledge (more than required) with explanations and elaboration. Pupil is at ease with content, but fails to elaborate. Pupil is uncomfortable with information and is able to answer only rudimentary questions. Pupil does not have grasp of information: Pupil cannot answer questions about the product.
Delivery and Impact Pupil's voice is clear. Pupil pronounces most words correctly. Motivated to perform well. Audience kept interested Pupil's voice is clear. Pupil pronounces most words correctly. Motivated to perform well. Audience kept interested. Pupil pronounces terms incorrectly. Audience members have difficulty hearing presentation. Audience battles to remain interested. Pupil mumbles, incorrectly pronounces terms, and speaks too quietly for the whole class to hear. Audience not interested.

Questions & Answers

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divide by 2 on each side of the equal sign to solve for x
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x-2y+3z=-3 2x-y+z=7 -x+3y-z=6
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12, 17, 22.... 25th term
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I'm 13 and I understand it great
I am 1 year old but I can do it! 1+1=2 proof very hard for me though.
Not really they are just easy concepts which can be understood if you have great basics. I am 14 I understood them easily.
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