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English first additional language

Grade 6

Module 9

To use a dictionary

Activity 1:

To use a dictionary

To evaluate, make a choice and judgement and give reasons

[lo 3.8.2, 5.2.8]

We are going to change our focus now and have a look at two bicycle adverts. The adverts describe two different bicycles. You will need to use your imagination as you read the descriptions. Try to picture the bicycles in your head as you read. At the end of this exercise you will be required to choose one of these bicycles and to give the reasons for your choice. Think about it carefully as you complete the activities below.

Read the following descriptions of two different bicycles.

The Raleigh Poppy

For the young ones - an easy-to-ride small-wheel cycle with big play appeal. Quick adjusting saddle and handlebar heights, to suit a wide age group. Deep mudguards, 356 mm pneumatic (with compressed air) tyres. The quarter-rise handlebars allow perfect control and Raleigh calliper (like pliers) brakes ensure safe stopping. A very useful accessory is the holdall with shoulder strap, in denim-look material. Colour finish for this bright little model is Hot Red, with `Poppy' graphic scheme.

The Raleigh Commando

is everything the name implies. It's a go-anywhere adventure bike that's really safe for 7 - 11 years olds. It's even a favourite with the girls too. The 45 cm wheels have heavily studded tread tyres for sure-grip. The 3-speed hub gear is controlled by die handlebar twist-grip. The powerful calliper brakes have closed end brake shoes. Wide mudguards and protective chain guard are in scratch-resistant chrome. The giant reflector is mounted behind the useful chrome rear carrier and the kick-down prop-stand makes parking so simple.

To ensure that you understand what you have read, make a list of the words that you are not sure of so you can look them up in the dictionary:

Word: Dictionary description:

Each of these bicycle parts are described in the advertisement:

prop stand

Complete each descriptive phrase by adding the name of the most suitable bicycle part. (You may need to look at the advertisement again.)

deep, protective twist grip control

a giant heavily studded thread

a kick-down quick adjusting .....

powerful, reliable a detachable

Now it is time to make your choice. Once you have written down your choice, use the lines below to explain what special features appeal to you.

I would choose the ________bicycle for myself because:

What additions would you make to the bicycle to make it perfect for you?

Educator Assessment Chart:

Criteria 1 2 3 4
Spelling and punctuation Poor – difficult to decipher Still developing – many errors Good – very few errors Excellent - no errors
Creativity Poor, predictable, no new ideas. Still developing, very few original ideas Good, some original ideas Excellent, original ideas
Neatness Untidy Presentation inconsistent, greater care needed Good presentation Excellent presentation, great care taken
Ability to make choices and give reasons for them Poor Fair Reasonable Excellent


LO 3
READING AND VIEWING The learner will be able to read and view for information and enjoyment, and to respond critically to the aesthetic, cultural and emotional values in texts.
We know this when the learner:
3.1 understands some elements of stories.
3.1.1 understands title, setting and plot;
3.1.2 understands characters (e.g. describes their feelings and talks about reasons for their actions);
3.8 uses reference books and develops vocabulary:
3.8.2 uses a dictionary.
LO 5
THINKING AND REASONING The learner will able to use language to think and reason, and access, process and use information for learning.
We know this when the learner:
5.2 uses language for thinking;
5.2.1 answers and asks some more complex questions;
5.2.3 analyses the features of things in order to classify them;
5.2.8 evaluates, makes choices and judgements, and gives reasons for them;
5.3 collects and records information in different ways:
5.3.2 designs, draws and labels maps, plans, charts, graphs and diagrams.


This activity requires learners to work on their own again. They will be expressing their own opinion – not that of a group! The learners are presented with two adverts for bicycles. Read through these adverts with the class before allowing them to start the activities. As the learners read the adverts, encourage them to use their pencils to underline the words that they do not understand. These words can then be written into the table and looked up in the dictionary.

Learners are required to make a choice between the two bicycles in the adverts. They must be able to explain what appeals to them about the bicycle. They must also use their imagination and mention what they would like added to the bicycle to make it perfect. Once the exercise is complete, allow learners to share their ideas with each other, just for interest sake.

Remember to draw their attention to the fact that they will be assessed on neatness, creativity as well as spelling and punctuation.

deep, protective MUDGAURDS twist grip control GEARS
a giant REFLECTOR heavily studded tread TYRES
kickdown PROP STAND quick adjusting SADDLE
Powerful reliable BRAKES A detachable HOLDALL

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