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English first additional language

Grade 5

Module 9

Reading skills: answering questions



[LO 3.7.2]

A fun farm : Is Kit-Kat nuts?

Read the extract and answer the questions carefully. This is an important skill to learn.

There’s a serious psychological problem developing in the Malherbe household in Paarl.Snap, Crackle and Pop are three orphaned baby squirrels who have been saved from certain death and are now being suckled by the family cat, Kit-Kat. It’s a well-known fact that cats normally love to hunt squirrels and the question arises: Is “mommy” Kit-Kat going to teach Snap, Crackle and Pop all she knows, as mothers do?If this is the case, there are bound to be some really mixed up animals on the Malherbe farm, Spes Bona, outside Paarl. Are the three little squirrels going to be taught to hunt their own? And what will happen if they are confronted by some strange cat? Will they scamper away or recognise it as just another “mommy” to cuddle? This confusion started unfolding two weeks ago when a neighbour, Elize Grobbelaar, brought the three pink little orphans around. They had fallen out of an old oak tree when a branch broke loose. The Grobbelaars were going away for the weekend and couldn’t look after them.Berena Malherbe took them in and that is where the fun started. They were introduced to Kit-Kat who has three kittens of her own, and suddenly there was one happy family, all suckling away. Now, two weeks later, Snap, Crackle and Pop are scampering all over the place, the three kittens joining in because they are fascinated by the long tails of their “sisters”, Snap and Crackle, and “brother” Pop.
The Malherbes don’t have many trees and therefore not many squirrels, and Pama Malherbe isn’t too happy because the new babies nibble his pumpkins and butternuts. It would be all right if they ate them, but instead they simply take a bite out of each. Apparently, however, he is heavily outvoted by the family, which includes twins Koch and Pollie, 7, Jossie, 3, baby De Waal, 1, dogs Wellington, Sarah and Bella, piglets Vroetel and Troetel and an assortment of lambs, all called Lambchop. It seems as if the squirrels are here to stay.Adapted from ( The Argus , Saturday, 8-9 February 1997)

Wow! imagine that!

Turn to your partner and tell him / her in only one sentence what this article is all about.

In order to answer in full sentences, each answer has been started for you.

  1. What kind of animal is Kit-Kat?

Kit-Kat is ___

  1. What are these squirrels being fed?

They are ___

  1. How many squirrels fell out of the tree? ____ fell out of the tree.
  2. What have these people named the orphans?

They have named the orphans ____

  1. Where are these squirrels being raised?

They ____

  1. Which two wo rds from the passage tell us what the squirrels looked like when they arrived at the Malherbes’ farm? (Tip: remember the inverted commas.)

The words ____ and ____

  1. Complete the sentence:

The squirrels are naughty, because they ____

  1. What have the Malherbes named their lambs?

The lambs are ____

  1. The Malherbe family are animal lovers.

Why is this statement TRUE? ___


LO 3

READING AND VIEWING The learner will be able to read and view for information and enjoyment, and to respond critically to the aesthetic, cultural and emotional values in texts.

We know this when the learner:

3.1 understands in a simple way some element of stories:

3.1.4 notices the role that visual images (pictures, photographs) play in the construction of meaning (e.g. how old and young people are represented in pictures);

3.2 understands, in a simple way, some elements of poetry:

3.2.1 rhyme;

3.2.2 words which begin with the same sound;

3.6 reads for pleasure:

3.6.1 reads fiction and non-fiction at an appropriate reading and language level;

3.6.4 solves word puzzles;

3.7 uses reference books and develops vocabulary:

3.7.1 uses a dictionary;

3.7.2 demonstrates a reading vocabulary of between 2 000 and 3 500 common words.


Ensure that the learners understand

  • All the difficult/new words and phrases
  • What the story is about

- Before allowing the learners to begin answering the questions, ensure that everybody understands how to go about completing a comprehension.

- In order to aid the learners to answer the questions in full sentences, each answer has been started. This should also prevent confusion in compiling/selecting answers.

- Learners can complete the checklist either once they have completed the comprehension, or after evaluation by the educator.

- Encourage the learners to copy correctly from the passage (spelling) and to write the answers in their own words.


  1. Kit-Kat is the family cat / a cat / a cat belonging to the Malherbe family.
  2. They are being fed mother’s milk by Kit-Kat.
  3. Three squirrels fell out of the tree.
  4. They have named the orphans Snap, Crackle and Pop.
  5. They are being raised on the Malherbe’s farm / are being raised on a farm outside Paarl.
  6. The words are “ pink ” and “ little ”.
  7. The squirrels are naughty, because they nibble / take bites out of his butternuts and pumpkins.
  8. The lambs are all called Lambchop.
  9. Open memo – as long as the learner motivates the answer.

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