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Social sciences


Grade 8

Module 8

Industrialisation in south africa

Industrialisation in south africa

South Africa is unbelievably rich in minerals. Minerals like gold, diamonds, platinum and necessary basic metals like copper, tin, iron, lead and zinc make mining and the subsequent job creation, possible. The only other country with a similar variety of minerals and metals, is Russia.

the discovery of Gold and Diamonds in SA

By the middle of the nineteenth century Britain found the territories that she had colonized in South Africa to be an economical drawback. Droughts in the Cape Colony, fights in the Orange Free State with the Basutu, and weak rural markets in the old ZAR (Transvaal) made Britain decide to hand over the government of these territories by signing the Sand River Convention in 1852 with Transvaal and the Bloemfontein Convention in 1854 with the Orange Free State.

The discovering of gold in 1868 north of the Limpopo River, at first drew no attention, because in 1867 the first diamond was found near Hope Town. These alluvial diamonds were found in the silt near rivers. On both sides of the Vaal River more diamonds were found, which caused an influx of miners. The miners were unable to reach an agreement about their rights with President Pretorius, the leader of the OFS, and declared themselves an independent republic at Klipdrift.

During 1870 and 1871 diamonds were discovered further from the Vaal River, first at Dutoitspan (Kimberley) and later at Vooruitzicht. This became known as one of the biggest diamond discoveries in the world and miners from all over the world descended on the diamond fields. Conflict among the different claimants of the diamond bearing areas, the republics, colonies and tribal captains was unavoidable.

Although J.H. Davis had already discovered the first gold of the well-known Witwatersrand in 1852 on a farm near Krugersdorp, he was forced by the ZAR Government to keep quiet about it. Other gold discoveries were made, like the find by Walker and Harrison on the farm Langlaagte. Only in 1886 it became clear that this discovery was the important main reef of the Witwatersrand.

The town of Johannesburg developed on the farm Randjeslaagte. Transporters could no longer cope with taking people and goods to and from the mines, so railway lines were built. In 1892 Johannesburg was connected to Cape Town by rail; and in 1895 to Durban.

Activity 1:

Time-line exercise

[lo 1.2, 1.4, 1.5, 2.1, 2.2]

  • Draw a TIME-LINE on which you can show what happened on the South African diamond and gold fields that was discussed previously. Do it like this:

a) Write the words TIME-LINE and the topic of the time line, on top.


c) Then WRITE down the DATES beneath one another.

d) Now FILL in the ACTIONS that corresponds to each date, next to the date. Make sure that every fact is complete.

Activity 2:

Source a and b

[lo 1.2, 1.3, 3.1, 3.3]

  • Read the following sources and then answer the questions:

Questions & Answers

what are the factors of production
Sheku Reply
capital, labor, technology
is economic a science
Emmanuel Reply
as economic a science
yes because it study human behavior
yes it deal with human activity and the welfare of people in the country
Is Economics a Science
Albert Reply
what is scarcity
Edmore Reply
Scarcity is the limitedness of resources relative to human wants. In economic sense means that the available resources are not sufficient to satisfy all human wants.
Moreover, Fiscal policy deal with government revenue and expenditure. Government expenditure puts money in public hands while government revenue withdraws the money. Role of fiscal policy is to reduces money circulation as a means of reducing demand.
What is an inflationary spiral?
Suppose that you 're nominated as a Minister of Finance in your country's. How can you finance a deficit budget?
is economic a science
yes because we studying human behaviour
what are the factors of production
pls Emmanuel adjei do we know each other
Emmanuel adjei pls did u attend living God school
Can you explain the terms 'fiscal deficit' and 'fiscal policy'?
Brahmani Reply
fiscal deficit refers to the government expenditure exceed expected to the government revenue
fiscal deficit is like budget deficit
fiscal policy it occurs when the government takes and maintain the strategic to resolve the inflation.
What is inflation?
Braa Reply
increase in general price level
a sudden increase in prices of goods that effects our cost of living
what is Debenture in economy
Gideon Reply
what is economic
Vida Reply
Economic is a seines which study the human behavior as ends and scarce means which have alternative uses
Economics is the study of how human make decisions in the face of scarcity. These can be individual decisions, family decisions, business decisions or societal decisions.
Economics is a science that study human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which may have alternative uses.
in my opinion, economics helps us to learn decision making not only in short term but in long term too
What is Debenture in economy
what is special directives
Emmanuel Reply
what is demand
Joseph Reply
Demand simply refers to the amount of goods and services which the consumer is willing and able to purchase at each price
Demand refers to the quantity of goods and services an individial is willing and able to purchase or buy at various price over a period of time
what is mean by unitary elastic demand
Bangniyel Reply
demand is said to be unitary elastic when the percentage change in the demand is equal to the percentage change in the price
what is the principle of equi-marginal utility
Reliance Reply
what is Economics and it important
Anita Reply
what is production
what is Economic
Anita Reply
what is the meaning of Economic
economics is a science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses
I don't know.
u don't
@ Boso thanks for the definition ✌
boso u r too much u try
ya nyc
Thanks kk
pls can I ask more questions
what is production
production is creation of goods and services
what is macroeconomics and microeconomics
macroeconomics deals with larger economic units such as GDP,GNP,employment while microeconomics deals with smaller economic units such firm and household
Explain the ff Scarcity Ends Demand Supply Choice Scale of preference
macroeconomics deals with larger economic units such as GDP,GNP,employment while microeconomics deals with smaller economic units such firm and household
Gross Domestic product...it represent the total value of the products produced within the country including foreign industries
George Reply
what is products
Difference between extinct and extici spicies
Amanpreet Reply
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