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Social sciences: geography

Grade 6

Population distribution and density on a global scale

Module 6

Rapid expansion problems

Rio de Janeiro : one city ─ two worlds

Note : One of the 22 federal states of Brazil is called Rio de Janeiro, but in this learning unit we are referring to the city of Rio de Janeiro, which was the capital city of Brazil until 1960. The harbour city of Rio de Janeiro, in Guanabara Bay, is the most important economic and financial centre of the country.

Activity 1:

To do research on rio de janeiro and consult a number of sources

[lo 1.2, 1.5]

1. What does the name mean?

2. How did the city get this name?

3. What language is spoken by the majority of residents?

4. Longitude and latitude of the city:

5. The climate of the city:

6. Population of the city:

1. Rapid growth causes serious problems.

  • In 1969 the population was 4 million – this grew to 12 million in the following 30 years! When the population grows so rapidly – anywhere in the world – problems occur.
  • Brazil is not a rich enough country to provide houses for everyone who moves from the countryside to the city. Because many of these new inhabitants have moved to the city in search of a better life, it is obvious that they do not have money to build conventional houses. Much more than a house is needed: water and electricity must also be supplied. Then there is a need for sewerage and transport. This situation is more serious in many other developing countries and cities, because employment opportunities do not increase as rapidly as the population. This makes large-scale informal housing unavoidable – also in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Because of inadequate public transport, the informal settlements have developed close to the city centre and industrial areas, as in other countries.
  • About a quarter of Rio de Janeiro’s residents live in informal settlements, called favelas . The favelas are characterised by bad planning (often no planning), unhealthy living conditions and crime. The contrast in living conditions between the rich and the poor is more obvious in this city than in other cities with an exceptionally rapid growth rate. In one part of the city wealthy people live in big houses on large pieces of land. 5% of the city’s residents live on 25% of the city’s land.

Why has the influx of people into Rio de Janeiro been so rapid?

During the last part of the previous century, migration of people took place from isolated rural areas to urban areas – it seemed that people found the facilities and the attractions of the cities irresistible. Many people were convinced that the opportunities that could ensure the future of their children could only be provided in the cities. In Brazil this tendency was further influenced by droughts and other problems in the agricultural sector in the country’s interior.

Food factories, manufacturers of textile fabrics, electronic equipment and pharmaceuticals, as well as oil refineries, provide employment opportunities in Rio de Janeiro.

The worldwide phenomenon of a rapidly developing tourist industry is also evident in Rio de Janeiro – the city’s beaches and the natural beauty of the environment attract people from all over the world. Unfortunately the growth in employment opportunities in tourism and industry is not as fast as the population growth. The results are predictable.

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