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Life orientation

Grade 5

Personal development

Module 14

A positive self-concept


To identify personal successes and develop a plan of action for continued positive self-concept formation

[lo 3.1]

Complete the following table in an honest and attentive manner:

Remember: These achievements refer to your personal top achievements – not your achievements compared to those of others. If, for instance, you managed to obtain 47% for Maths (academic achievement) in the second term, as against 43% in the first term, that is considered an achievement. Likewise, if you took part in a class debate (cultural achievement) during the year, whereas you were too scared to speak in front of the class during the previous year, it is also considered an achievement.

Please note: Character achievement here refers to your personality and nature. It is often more difficult to identify these types of achievements and “weak spots”. One example could be your laziness or diligence in helping your parents with chores in and around the house.

Achievement: I make my bed every day, whereas I previously used to make my bed only over weekends.

Table 1

My best achievements in 200_:

Previous achievement Present achievement
Academic achievements:
Sports achievements:
Cultural achievements:
Character achievements:

Underline (or highlight) the achievement that you could still improve upon in the course of the year. Choose one from each group.

Complete table 2:

  1. Write down the achievements that you have underlined in the first column.
  2. Set yourself a new goal, which you indicate in the second column. Take care to set yourself a realistic goal. It would be unrealistic to aim for 97% if you previously obtained 47%, but 55% is certainly within your reach if you work hard.
  3. In the third column you have to state your plan of action. Once again, it must be realistic, e.g.

for your Maths (academic) aim: attend extra Maths classes,


if you want to take part in the eisteddfod (cultural): join an extra-mural drama class,


under character achievement a new aim could be set (as in the example above): keep my room tidy over weekends as well.

Table 2

Present achievement New aim Plan of action
Academic achievement:
Sports achievement:
Cultural achievement:
Character achievement:


LO 3

Personal Development

The learner will be able to use acquired life skills to achieve and extend personal potential to respond effectively to challenges in his or her world.

We know this when the learner:

3.1 identifies personal successes and develops an action plan for continued positive self-concept formation;

3.2 shows an understanding of and respect for body changes;

3.3 appropriately expresses and copes with a range of emotions;

3.4 explores and evaluates ways of responding effectively to violent situations and contexts;

3.5 reflects on how feedback can be given and received;

3.6 develops and implements a personalised study method.


Modules 14-18 focus on the development of the intellectual potential of each learner and on establishing correct study methods. Learners are equipped to effectively deal with the emotions and peer pressure that may increasingly cause problems as they approach adolescence. Educators are encouraged to make use of the input of experts such as psychologists and counsellors to add value to this aspect

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